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Fly of the Week The Bubble Back Midge

Let’s take a look at a midge fly that might not be well known but is extremely effective for those who know it and fish it:  Murphy’s Bubble  Back Midge created by Rick Murphy in 2002. 


It is a size 22 midge pattern that starts with a Daiichi 135 hook.  The thorax is covered with grey, black, or olive super fine dubbing.  The abdomen is made with stripped peacock hurl with small copper wire ribbing.  What makes this fly unique is the mercury bead that is tied to the top of the thorax.  


 It was designed to move through the water upside down to avoid snags at the bottom of the water.  The Bubble  Back is hailed by many anglers as a productive fly that is versatile in many different locations.  Steve Gossage of Angler’s Covey says “I’ve used them (Murphy’s Bubble Back) everywhere from the Missouri  to the Arkansas.”  They work well in most of the favorite streams of Colorado.  The Murphy’s Bubble Back is made now by Rainy’s and is available in all three colors at the Angler’s Covey.  Come by and pick up a few for your next trip to the river! 

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