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Streamer Fishing Jerk-Strip

Fly Fishing Technique: Jerk-Strip

by Kelly Galloup & Bob Linsenman  October 16, 2012

from Fly Fisherman magazine


A few years ago we stopped using a traditional down-and-across streamer technique and began developing more active presentations. We shed our passive, search-and-hope streamer techniques and attitudes and applied new methods with a calculated approach. This has made a world of difference.


We used to hook large trout on streamers only occasionally. Now we hook several large trout on each outing. What once was rare is now the norm for us because weユve learned how to excite large trout and make them take the fly. You can do this, too, if you rethink your approach to streamer fishing and modify your equipment selection. The jerk-strip retrieve technique is the way to start your hunt for big fish.


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