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Resources from Colorado DOW

There are a lot of blogs, websites, newsletters out there about fly fishing — and we might neglect to check the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s own website for good resources!  Their website today has this information about fall fishing — with an excerpt from the DOW’s own DVD (see the link below to purchase the DVD) that focuses on Mountain Whitefish.


Fall…The Season Of Change


As we make our way through October, many things will begin to change. Overnight lows will begin to dip below freezing, giving way to the appearance of skims of ice around the edges of some high mountain lakes. Several species, such as brown and brook trout will go into their fall spawning mode.

Some small mountain streams will offer good chances to catch spawning brookies.


Summertime hatches, such as mayflies, damselflies and stoneflies have gone for the year, but fly fishing anglers may still find some success with BWOs, woolly buggers or dead drifting nymphs. Fishing the tailwaters of rivers can also be rewarding experience for fly fishing anglers in October.


Many species are gearing up for winter and are actively feeding in the shallows of lakes and reservoirs. Anglers can take advantage of this opportunity to catch fish that are a bit more accessible to them this time of year.


Consecutive warm days may increase the activity for warm water species. Some walleye are taking leeches and minnows fished off the rip-rap. Catfish are hitting night crawlers, cutbaits and minnows in shallow coves.


Fishing for pike can be especially good in the fall. These hefty, hard-fighting fish can be found in the shallow gassy areas of lakes and reservoirs. Hooking into a pike can provide an angler with a rush of excitement they won’t soon forget.


See this video on October fishing for Mountain White Fish.


The DOW also has this great video:  Fly Fishing Colorado.  The DVD is organized by region and by season — and has great information about what flies to use in each. 

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