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Spinney – One Last Cast

Spinney – One Last Cast

from Kenny Romero


Spinney Mountain Reservoir will be closing any day now due to ice on conditions and will not reopen again until ice off next spring.  But that doesn’t mean it’s too late or too early to begin thinking about how you can take advantage of this tremendous stillwater fishery just 60 miles from Colorado Springs!


Fishing at Spinney has been very good all year with traditional nymph rigs, dry rigs, streamers and buggers.  But this fall has been particularly productive.  We have enjoyed some pretty good fall days on float tubes with various sinking lines, streamers and buggers.  But as water temperatures drop each day, different tactics are required.  Retrieves and color variations that worked so well last week did not produce as well yesterday.  So adjustments were made that produced results.  Last week faster retrieves and quick jigging motions resulted in excellent results.  Action was also good in the mid water column as some midge hatches kept fish looking up.  But 90% of fish were taken near the bottom.  And, I landed 11 pike (that I was not hunting) including the one in the pic (# 6 black bugger).  He was delicious…poor man’s lobster!


Colder water temps lower fish metabolism…including the prey fish metabolism.  So, faster retrieves just don’t trigger as many strikes with these cold water temperatures.  Yesterday, the ticket was a very slow retrieve with no quick stripping action.  Last week # 4 cone head black buggers were the ticket.  Yesterday, light brown # 6 buggers produced the most action.  If you do venture out for “one last cast” at Spinney remember, no boats or motors on float tubes are allowed and water temperatures are in the 40’s…. Brrrrrrrr, but you can have a fun day with some nice fish!

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