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Healing Waters

“I honestly don’t know why I fish. Or, rather, I fish in order to save my life; I just don’t know why it saves my life.” — John Gierach


The Fly Fishing Film Tour passed through our little part of the world last Friday.  Probably somewhere around 300 or so — maybe 400? — shared the evening of watching films that captured the beauty of our sport.  Of course, the film tour is for a great cause, to support Project Healing Waters.  Now, I like “fish porn” as much as the next person — those large steelheads or cutthroats hitting the fly hard, followed by water-spraying aerials, then the net, a photo op, the release.  


But the film that sticks with me today was “Hit ’em Again, Doc”  (view the trailer here).  That film, along with the testimonials of some of our veterans about their experience with Project Healing Waters, made me recall Gierach’s quote above.  I don’t why fly fishing has the effect it does have on me, or evidently on us.  I’m not alone in experiencing fly fishing’s healing powers.  Hell, I don’t even know sometimes that I need the rejuvenation and revitalization that comes with fly fishing.  


I just know that when I pull off of Highway 24 and head into the Canyon, or when I park the truck near St. Elmo and hear the babble of Chalk Creek, my body relaxes.  And with the ritual of slipping on the waders, tying on a caddis, making my way to the river, tensions of the world fade.  Problems somehow find a solution in the flow of the river.  


Somehow, my life is saved.





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