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Still Water Fishing Kenny's Report from Spinney

Spinney Reservoir Report

June 16, 2013


With some of the local rivers flowing pretty high, now might be a good time to do a little stillwater fishing. Spinney Mountain Reservoir has been fishing well since opening day. However, since my first trip, I have had to make adjustments to the ever-changing conditions.


For example, spawning activity is pretty much over and fish that were being caught with great regularity close to shore with egg patterns have moved onto other food sources. You can still have good success from shore with Chironomids, wooly buggers, stillwater nymphs and slump busters. But the best success I’ve had has been through the mobility of my pontoon boat. All parts of the reservoir are catching fish. On opening day, North Bay was dry, but now it’s got a lot of water and the fishing should be just fine.


As is the case this time of year, the fish are really keyed in on Chironomids. And it seems the fish change their preference for color and size on a daily basis. At the beginning of the Chironomid hatch (mid-May), fish will take a variety of patterns, and they aren’t too picky.  As the hatch intensifies, they key in on the real deal. Two weeks ago the rust color pattern that caught a lot of fish earlier in the season couldn’t get any interest. I switched to a more slender gray approximation of the pupa and the light switch turned back on. Depth is another key factor.  It’s very important to adjust depth based on the particular feeding activity at that point in time. Fishing was particularly good yesterday with a red tungsten bead head Chironomid. Fish were actively feeding off of a shelf in about 8 feet of water and the action lasted a few hours. Several fish landed were over 22”. Chironomids are active all summer so it’s a good idea to have one on your rig most times. I haven’t seen much Callibaetis activity but they are just around the corner. And then if the fish didn’t already have enough to chow down on, the caddis will start coming off to offer more!


On May 1 the reservoir was 47% full. As of June 6 the reservoir had reached 68%. Based on my estimation, the reservoir is close to 75% full as of June 16. Current inflow is 350 cfs and outflow is 200 cfs. The fish now have a lot more room to move around and locate food, so get out there and find the fish (which is usually where the swallows and sea gulls are feeding) and have fun hooking into a nice chunky Spinney Rainbow or Brown!


Anglers Covey now offers guided float tube trips on Spinney.  Call the shop and schedule a float trip!


~ Kenny Romero


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