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Tricos in Your Future?

Anthony Surage, one of our Guides, reports that “Trico’s  are hatching all the way up to the dam in Eleven Mile Canyon, but the fish are mainly still responding to Caddis and midges. As the water drops, and the hatches thicken, watch for a significant switch to feeding on the Tricos. In years past, I have noticed that it takes some time for the fish to make the switch to this new emerging food item. And, of course, in terms of energy efficiency, there are fine lines for the life of a trout trying to capture enough food energy  from the surface in increased water flows. I don’t know the exact formula (but trout do; apparently, they can do the math!), so the switch to dry fly will take some time as it is not worth it to a trout to fight its way up to the surface in heavy water to find tiny bugs if the flows are up too high.  It is a waste of energy and it is safer to lay low.  But, hopefully, as the flows drop, surface feeding will increase soon. Time for the art of the dry fly.  For now, nymphing in the heavier flows has been very effective with Caddis emergers, RS2’s and San Juan worms, and black midges/emergers.  Keep waiting for the switch —  searching for risers even while you are nymphing.  And when you find them be sure not to tell anyone.” 🙂

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