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Pikes Peak Women Anglers Fish Beaver Creek

Like many of us, Pam Hazlett usually fishes alone or maybe with one other person.  When the opportunity arose to fish with eleven other women in Pikes Peak Women Anglers, though, she took it.  Their trip this weekend to Beaver Creek, flowing out of Skaguay Reservoir, was Pam’s first group experience.  “It was great to be with a group of women, to talk fishing, get hints and tips, and enjoy the camaraderie. And no need to be super fisher!”


Beaver Creek provided some new challenges for Pam, too.  “I needed a 360° view of my surroundings.  Branches behind me? Check.  Short cast – unseen bush across the creek —  takes my fly.”  Sometimes it’s just easier to cut the line and “give the fly to the log in the middle of the creek instead of being so cheap and try to untangle that bugger.”  No doubt that we have all been there!  Small stream fishing challenges us in ways that bigger rivers don’t.


If you have never been to Beaver Creek, it meanders for about three miles below the dam at Skaguay Reservoir through meadows and forest until it takes a pretty substantial drop into an untamed canyon. Those three miles, though, offer great small stream fishing in a truly beautiful setting.  


On Saturday, “butterflies, eagles, hummingbirds, and chipmunks were all on display.” After fishing and wading upstream through the morning, they stopped for lunch in a nice meadow along the creek. 


After lunch, they began the hike back toward the dam as clouds began to build. Along the way, they stopped to fish in a variety of pools, riffles and runs. The group made it back to the cars just as the thunder started.  “Sharon (Wright), our guide, called it right when she started our trek back to the dam!“


Pam says, “I’ve been a member of PPWA for just under a year and am so glad I joined. I love learning more about the art of fly fishing and meeting other women who love the sport. So, I guess being a member of PPWA is both a social and learning experience for me.” 


PPWA is a group where the seasoned angler and the newbie are all welcomed.  Some of the eleven women who fished Beaver Creek had just completed the women’s camp offered through the Shop!


You can read more about Pikes Peak Women Anglers on our website and see the schedule of events. Next up: Elevenmile Canyon & Happy Meadows – Saturday-Sunday, August 24-25, 2013.


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