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Good Times Back at Spinney

— report from Kenny Romero


American Pelicans, Black Cormorants, Seagulls and fisherman have all made their yearly pilgrimage back to Spinney Mountain Reservoir.  The Pelicans, numerous other birds and the fisherman will enjoy the many benefits of Spinney until mid November, when the reservoir will ice up and all species must head out to warmer climes.  But until then — the good times are back at Spinney!


Kenny Romero at SpinneyFishing at Spinney this past weekend picked up just where it left off the last time I fished it on November 24 of last year:  excellent!  Although the intensity of the bite varied throughout the day, large rainbows near the shore line were consistently landed and released.   On my last trip in November, many fish were landed but only on wooly buggers.  The ambient air temperature was 15 degrees and the water temperature was 36 degrees.  This past weekend, the air temperature was 43 degrees and the water temperature warmed up to 42 degrees.  The water level is significantly up compared to this time last year when the lake was only 47% full, on opening day.  Today it is 76% full with more water on the way due to significant snow fall this year in the upper basin water shed.  I expect the lake to be at full capacity early this summer.  


As usual in South Park, the morning was calm and the typical early season size 22 midges were hatching.  The water was clear and the fish were on the feed bag.  A variety of flies worked well in the morning, particularly small chironomids and egg patterns.  Around noon (as usual in South Park) the air movement intensified, the waves got choppy and churned up the bottom to stain the water pretty good.  But that didn’t stop the bite.  Bead head nymphs and scuds were the ticket.  It’s always good to add a bb between your fly’s in these choppy conditions to ensure the fly doesn’t drift too high in the water column.  Wooly buggers also perform well during choppy conditions.  


So if you haven’t fished Spinney before or you are thinking about heading up for the first time this year, grab your gear, a good assortment of various colored chironomids, egg patterns and wooly buggers and you shouldn’t be disappointed.


Be sure to watch for Kenny Romero’s upcoming Stillwater in-store and shore-side classes  this year. His next Stillwater class is scheduled for June 21.  More information here:  Stillwater Fundamentals Class.  If you are interested in a guided trip either from shore or on a float tube, Kenny Romero is ready to show you the ropes on how to catch large Rainbows, Browns and Pike on Spinney. Call the shop — (719) 964-4854 —and schedule your trip!


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