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Meet Mark Mahler, Fly Fishing Instructor

We asked fly fishing instructor and business owner, Mark Mahler, to share a little about himself so that you can get to know him better. Mark has been a part of the Angler’s Covey family since Kent Brekke was the owner, many years ago.


Mark has been married to his wife Mindy for 40 years! They have two daughters: Krista, 33, and Kate, 30. He grew up in  Rochester, NY. In addition to fishing, he enjoys hiking, camping, back country skiing, photography,and travel.


Fishing-Related Stuff:

Favorite fishing story: My fishing buddy was sitting on a rock  in the river tying on a fly, when a  snake swam between his legs and into his line of sight, scaring the —- out of him.  I heard him yell from 100 yards away!


Earliest fishing memory: Using bread & berries for bait, fishing off of a dock while camping on an island in Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains.


How you got “hooked”:  My wife taught me to fish on our honeymoon, in the Adirondack Mountains.  I got “hooked” fishing for smallmouth bass & pan fish!


Favorite “Go to” flies for the South Platte:  Neil’s bead head RS-2 (#20) for nymphing Grey elk hair Caddis (#16) for dry fly fishing


Technique you’re passionate about: Dry fly fishing in general, specifically Hopper fishing!


Favorite “off the grid” fishing location:  A small mountain stream in Wyoming, but if I told you which one, I’d have to kill you!


Favorite fishing buddy:  Neil Luehring & Paul Martinez from the shop, and my wife Mindy & both daughters


More Random Stuff

Who was your favorite celebrity as a child? Sky King, Mickey Mantle, and a huge crush on Hayley Mills!


Favorite band/group growing up: Jefferson Airplane first, then Jethro Tull & Pink Floyd


What type of pets do you have now or did you have growing up? Always cats, along with several Labs when our kids were growing up


What word describes you best? My wife says “Passionate”, and I agree.  About life, family, friends, and fishing


What is your favorite season and why? Fall; the fish get hungrier, temps cool down, the colors change, and all the fisherman that are  also hunters stop fishing to go hunting, reducing the competition!


If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?  My temper!


What is your greatest accomplishment?  Having raised two fun-loving, smart, successful daughters that make me look good!


What is your favorite summer or winter drink?  Limeade for thirst, Vodka & tonic (w/ lime) for relaxation and conversation!


When you go out to eat, what are you most likely to order? Pork or chicken for dinner, big chef salads for lunch


Where do you want to retire? Right Here!  I moved here 34 years ago for the mountains, and they’re still here!


What is your most memorable vacation? A 10 month trip to Europe in 1976, after Mindy & I quit ours jobs.  We bought a VW bus and lived in it while we traveled 34K miles from September through June.  It  was a great adventure that solidified our relationship and created memories for a lifetime.


Who do you admire? Volunteers in every capacity;  from the Peace Corps to Soup Kitchens to class rooms 


What are you reading right now? Stone Cold by C. J. Box, and Brief Christian Histories by AC Senior Guide Jim White


What is your favorite television program? Most sports, and especially soccer.  I’m in heaven during the World Cup!


What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you? After meeting them only 12 hours earlier at a ski mountain in France, a family we had never met lent us money and invited Mindy & I to live with them in Holland for 3 weeks after a skiing accident left me relatively immobile and on crutches after surgery. (which we did!) 


What is your real hair color? Blond (still is on my head, just not in my beard!)


What sporting, musical or cultural event have you been to recently? Induction ceremony for the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame for the induction of Elizabeth Wright Ingraham, a local architect, renaissance women, and granddaughter of Frank Lloyd Wright.


What attracted you to Angler’s Covey? The understated dedication and knowledge of the first owner and staff,  and now because of that same comfort level with the current owners, guides, and staff.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? Speak French & German fluently & play the harmonica

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