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Meet Julie Sprinkle

In our effort to help you know our staff, guides and instructors better, we have asked them some questions about themselves and from time to time will share these in an e-blast. This week we are profiling Juie Sprinkle, our Clothing Guru and fly fishing guide.

The Basics

Name:  Julie Sprinkle
Family:  Jeff (husband) and Winston (pup)
Home Town: Texas
What you do for fun in addition to fishing:  
Rock climbing, hiking, lace knitting, drawing, hunting, cooking, tele-ing, baking, gardening, trying to remember how to play the viola.

Fishing-Related Stuff:

Earliest fishing memory
Catfishing off the pier or in the boat with my grandfather
Technique you’re passionate about
Teasing little trout from under big rocks with hoppers half their size

More Random Stuff

What type of pets do you have now or did you have growing up? 
Siamese cats and various Spaniels
What is your favorite season and why?
 Spring, summer, winter, fall – because I can do fun things outside
What is your greatest accomplishment? 
Learning to speak Springer Spaniel
Who do you admire? 
Lynn Hill and Joan Wulff
What are you reading right now?   
Charles Hill: “Grand Strategies:  Literature, Statecraft and World Order”
What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you? 
Convinced me to teach
What is your real hair color?  
What you see is what you get

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