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Starting the New Year in Comfort

When I realized I had once again misplaced any gloves I could use for my New Year’s Day fishing trip, I panicked a little. Fifteen degree weather turns this girl into a wimp. This is where working in a fly shop has its benefits. I went to the Covey after we were closed and searched for some gloves. I’m a die hard Simms fan, as is evidenced by my daily attire 

consistently consisting of at least one Simms branded item, so, naturally, I went straight for the Simms gloves.  


Though I winced a little at the $59.99 price tag, I ended up choosing the ExStream Flex Glove, as it offers so much warmth and flexibility. The glove is a full glove with finger openings for the thumb, first, and second finger for managing line and tying knots. It is also water-resistant which was perfect as it kept the water (and ice) out but was perfectly breathable without compromising warmth. I am SO happy this is the glove I chose, despite the pricey-for-a-twenty-four-year-old price. I intend to use them for all my winter backpacking, snowshoeing, and driving-to-work adventures as well so, really, they are one of the best gear investments I’ve made this winter. 


Simms has several glove offerings, and I’m sure all are awesome, but if you haven’t seen the ExStream Flex gloves in person yet, come by the shop 

and try on a pair as I’m sure you’ll love them just as much as I do!


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