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Class Close-up 301 In-Depth Nymphing


90% of a trout’s diet comes from food sources below the surface.  90%.  Sure, that 10% of the diet on the surface can be more exciting – there’s nothing like the sight of a fish hitting your caddis or BWO.  But there is something to be said for feeling that strike under the surface and the fight begins.  If you want to increase your chances of hooking up with more fish – and often times much bigger fish – then consider taking our streamside 301 Nymphing Class this Saturday, April 11.


Nymphing and dry fly fishing have similar types of demands – but the necessary skills to meet those demands are different.  Sometimes, for example, presentation in nymph fishing is overlooked – partly because we cannot see the fly!  But the fish can.  Presentation when nymphing means you need to get the speed right and at an effective depth.  Our 301 classes focuses on proper line control techniques so you can present your nymphs in a natural manner.


Just as with dry fly fishing, you need to know what the hatch is, how to read the water, and how to set up your rig to be most effective.  The 301 class includes a focus on equipment, basic entomology, leader systems, reading water, visualizing fish, stream etiquette, and how to properly play and release fish.

high stick nymphing.  photo courtesy of gink and gasoline

Learning effective nymphing techniques – high-stick nymphing, two fly rigs, indicator or no indicator, wet-fly swing, upstream approaches – can be a challenge!  Why not flatten the learning curve with this great class?



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