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Cody and Jackie The Honeymoon's Not Over


Cody Ensanian and his wife, Jackie, decided to travel to Colorado for their honeymoon in June 2014.  They chose Colorado Springs as a base camp, so to speak, for hiking, camping, and fly fishing adventures.  Who knew that by September they would be making Colorado Springs their home and, a few short months later, Cody would be one of the new staff members at Angler’s Covey and Pikes Peak Outfitters? 


cody steelheadCody’s fly fishing roots were laid in Pennsylvania, fishing Spring Creek  and Penn’s Creek in the north-central part of that state. Even though Cody comes from a family of anglers, he became a self-taught fly fisher in those great streams in Pennsylvania.  While attending Lycoming College, Cody began that school’s fly fishing club. 


His interest spread to tying small midge patterns and studying Midge Magic (by Don Holbrook and Ed Koch) and Ed Engle’s Tying Small Flies to grow those skills.


When he and his wife were making their honeymoon plans for June of 2014, Cody was working for an outdoor recreation shop in Savannah, Georgia. (In addition to fly fishing, his passions are backpacking, hiking, and rock climbing.)  Cody contacted Angler’s Covey to set up a guide trip while they were honeymooning here.  Good call! Greg Blessing took Cody and Jackie to Deckers where they caught their first Colorado trout.

cody and jackie 

And the Colorado bug was planted.  By September, Cody and Jackie were setting up their home in Colorado Springs. 


Cody splits his time and brings his expertise to both Angler’s Covey and Pikes Peak Outfitters.  As he builds his own experiences exploring the outdoor opportunities in Colorado, he brings his knowledge of quality products and a passion for outdoor recreation to serve the customers at both stores. 


“I really want the customers to see themselves as friends of the shop,” he says.  “My goal is to help them have a great day on the river or in the mountains – whether that’s with good information or the right fly pattern.”  His approach to serving customers is to tailor the service to meet their needs for a great outdoors adventure. 


Beware, though.  If you are visiting Colorado and swing by the shop, you may find yourself house-hunting before you head back home. 


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