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Michael McMillan: Passion and Stewardship

Michael McMillan brings two main qualities to work every day as a new member of the Angler’s Covey staff:  passion for the outdoors and enthusiasm to help others enjoy their experiences in all of what Colorado has to offer.

Michael will be working at both the Covey and Pikes Peak Outfitters next door.  With a previous background in sales, Michael was motivated to join the Covey staff to foster the same passion he has for outdoor recreation.  But there is more to it than the enjoyment of the outdoors.  At 27, he sees that he has a responsibility of stewardship of our natural resources.  “There are a lot of young people getting into fly fishing, and part of learning the sport is learning how to maintain the fishery.”  As interest in outdoor recreation continues to grow, so does the need to protect those resources.

Part of being in the fly fishing business means that you not only know the products you sell, but you can also meet the needs of the customers on a daily basis.  Michael’s approach is to ask questions without being too “in your face” with customers.  It comes down to asking questions and building a rapport with clients.  “What are they wanting in their next trip out?  Trophy trout?  A small stream experience? What’s their budget?”

Whether in the shop or on the river, Michael sees his purpose as helping others have a good time fly fishing while building the skills necessary to get to and catch fish when they’re on their own.

mcmillan casting

He sees it all as a learning experience – “I want to shadow and learn all I can from Angler’s older guides.  Then I can share that knowledge and my enthusiasm with other young people getting into the sport.”

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