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Guides' Father's Day Gift List



Shopping for gifts for the fly fishing father can get a little tricky.  Sometimes, dad is like a familiar stretch of your favorite tailwater – you just know him and the perfect gift, but at other times he can be as tough to read as a newly discovered freestone river — it’s difficult to know what he would like.  Whether he is new to fly fishing or a seasoned trout bum, we can help you get your dad into some gear that helps him get into fish.


Need to have

  • Sunglasses: This was Jon Easdon’s first recommendation.  Good shades can change the whole fly fishing experience when you can spot fish that others cannot.  Justin Brenner likes any of the Smith eyewear and recommends checking out different colored lenses for different conditions. 
  • Fly line: Guide Earl Hecker suggests a bit of a stealth move.  “The spouse or kid should sneak the reel down to the Shop and have the line replaced!”
  • Fly box with a local hatch already pre-populated in the box: As Juan Ramirez says, “who doesn’t need more flies in their fly box?” Juan wouldn’t mind seeing these patterns in a new fly box:  Squirmy worms, Pat’s Rubber Legs, Pheasant Tails, and for the dry fly enthusiast PMDs and some Trico patterns.
  • Nippers:  Hopper Juan likes the Fishpond Barracuda Nippers
  • Rods: Rods are a difficult item to recommend – so many factors go into choosing one that it gets downright personal.  Easdon is digging the new Orvis Recon.  Jon Kleis wants to stretch his fly fishing experience with a new Helios 11’ flex tip switch for fishing stillwaters or big rivers like the Gunnison or the Colorado.  [orvis video]
  • Nets: Ghost nets with rubber baskets are the go-to nets!
  • Boots and Wading Socks:  Dave Herber has worn out one pair of Simms’ RipRap Wading Shoe – and now owns two more pairs!  He uses those with the Neoprene Wading Socks.


Probably also need to have

  • Tippet holders:  The new Fishpond Headgate is awesome according to Juan Ramirez. It holds seven spools and has a built in razor blade line cutter.
  • Thermometer:  Specific hatches occur at certain water temperatures.  Both Greg Blessing and Robert Younghanz Help your dad be in the know with a new water thermometer.
  • SeineJon Easdon and “The Bug Guy” Robert Younghanz also recommend getting a seine to see what food sources are in the water. 
  • Cleats:  How about offering dad an option for his wading boots?  These Hardbite Star Cleats from Simms increase his traction.


May also need to have

  • Vise:  If your dad’s a fly tier, Jon Kleis’s places a new vise on the wish list.  “My vise is on the wrong side of 12 years old.  Makes it tough to tie those size 26 Trico patterns!”
  • Thread. Hooks. Elk Hair. Speaking of tying flies, instead of a tie get your father things TO tie!  He’s gonna run out of materials at some point, right?  Replenish that tying bench now!
  • Journal:  Have a fly fishing dad who likes to write about his experiences?  A journal devoted to fly fishing makes a great gift!
  • Hook remover:  For the ultimate in minimal fish handling for catch-and-release anglers, this gadget is great. 
  • Pliers:  The Simms Plier is a top-notch, high quality tool with multiple uses on the river.

Stillwater Fishing Needs

Kenny Romero’s Father’s Day list for stillwater fishing includes

  • Float tubes (Outcast super fat cat is Kenny’s preferred craft!) 
  • Outcast flippers
  • rod holders
  • sinking line
  • long-handled nets
  • personal floatation device
  • pump
  • fly selections:  wooly buggers, callibaetis nymphs, damsel flies, water boatman, and hoppers
  • And why not sign up dad for Kenny’s “Float Tube Fundamental” class this Saturday!?

Still can’t choose?

  • Guide trips:  Read about our various guide trips here.  Our guides can get your dad into a new stretch of water or introduce him to a new adventure like small stream fishing, stillwater fishing, or getting him to those trophy fish in Cheesman Canyon.
  • Classes: We have a full slate of classes – streamside, fly tying, dry fly fishing – coming up in July.  Check our July 2015 calendar.  Help your dad flatten his learning curve or expand his adventure!
  • Gift card:  Give the gift of “dad’s choice” with one of our Angler’s Covey gift cards. 

Swing by the shop and check out all of our gear!  We’re open from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and Father’s Day is June 21 (all day!). 


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