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Anthony Surge 2015's Most Memorable Trip

by Anthony Surage, guest blogger


Most Memorable Trip 2015


Because it was on the Dream Stream, at a time when it was fishing difficult, and we knew we might not catch a fish; 


Because we did not rush to the river to claim a spot; and she first rested on a rock in the sun, and yet she caught six good fish on ten casts, seemingly coming to us easily. 


Because one was a large Brown that catapulted out of the river and the others were beautiful Rainbows and Cuttbows;


Because the morning reminded me of the Dream Stream of old where I first taught her as a child.


Because even she was perplexed with how well she was fishing, saying “I think I am casting and drifting ok, but not this good,” and because she knew, we both knew, there was some greater good to the morning, to life, to everything. 


Because she remembered after all those years. 


Because she is my daughter, my beautiful daughter, I just sat back and watched, and I would always be able to bring back into my vision the most memorable fishing trip of 2015.


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