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Guide Reviews Lines

What’s the shortest distance between your fish and the net?  A tight line.  Different fishing challenges and conditions call for different line types. Our Guides weigh in on their choices for fly lines.


Neil Luehring: For lines, I use various Orvis lines and particularly like the Power Tapers as they are a little heavier and facilitate the rod flex when casting short.

power taper

David Carragher

David’s Day-2-Day Rig:  The rod I use for day-to-day nymph fishing is the Orvis Helios. I use it with a Nautilus NV reel and Orvis Hydros 3D line.  I also use it with an Orvis Mirage and the same line.  Both of these reels are rugged and wear well. The large arbor reel have the benefit of picking up a lot of line in a hurry — nice when you hook a big one! The Orvis fly line is simply the best casting line I have used. The line will add 15 feet to your cast.



Kenny Romero: When fishing stillwater, I like Rios full sink type III or IV lines like the “In Touch Deep 3.”  These lines ensure you down deep with streamers, wooly buggers, crayfish and slump busters where Stillwater fish hang out the majority of the time.


Greg Blessing:  My line selection is the Rio (Grand, Gold), and the Orvis Hydros HD


Paul Martinez:  The Hydros HD WF Textured fly line I have found to cast great in wind, and when is it not windy in the western US.  I recently just returned from a trip to the Patagonia region of Chile.  It is always windy in Patagonia and the Hydros HD fly line made it a ton easier to cast accurately in big wind fishing a size 8 foam beetle pattern.


rio perceptionJon EasdonLines are an accessory I definitely get into specifics.  I’m really digging the Rio Perception.  It turns over easily and is comfortable to fish with.   


The new Orvis Bankshot sink tip line has won me over. It’s a breeze to cast any size streamer and also turns over well.


For a value line, it’s hard to go wrong with Orvis Clearwater line. Great bang for the buck.





I would suggest to any fly fisherman to put an investment in their lines, though. Anglers will surely notice a difference.





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