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Look, On the Horizon Caddis!


We may be watching the April 2016 Snowpacalypse right now, but it is going to move through fast.  And when it does — action on the Arkansas River!  The famed “Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch” is already showing signs of matching the epic hatch of last spring when the fishing was on fire.  The Ark is going to show, once again, why it’s Gold Medal waters!


caddisandbrownYesterday along some of the lower stretches beginning in Canon City and moving up to the east end of Bighorn Sheep Canyon, the cooler temps provided great conditions for a huge BWO hatch.  And — lo and behold — mixed in with them were pockets of caddis hatches.  They were not as prolific as the BWOs on the water, but it seemed that fish were already beginning to key on the adults on the water.  It was a great afternoon.


Swing by the shop and pick out some of the great patterns for this caddis hatch.  Yesterday they were keying on this Puterbaugh Caddis with a foam body.  But they’ll also be hammering other caddis patterns — adults and larva patterns like Juan Ramirez’s Kryptonite Caddis.  Come and talk with our guides and staff and get your fly box loaded up!


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