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Class Close-up Streamer Fishing


Jamie Roth, one of the instructors for the upcoming Two-Part Streamer class, gets excited about the possibilities with streamer fishing.  “This is a great technique for spring run off.  You’re chucking big nasty flies for spring meat eaters.” 


Jamie says that “learning streamer techniques also opens up more opportunities in stillwaters and gives anglers a chance to target different species like pike and bass.” Scott Voyles,  the class’s co-instructor,  “uses streamers to target specific fish — pike, bass, macks.” 


As we head into run-off season, fishing streamers with more active presentation can pull fish out from the bank to chow down on the bigger meals.  Let’s admit it — the explosive take when slinging streamers is an adrenaline rush itself!


The classroom portion of the two-part class  (May 15) will focus on streamer tactics (why trout bite streamers), large trout behavior, equipment (rods, reels, floating/sinking lines, leaders, and tippet), flies (articulated and classic patterns), and streamer rigs (single and double fly rigs). 


Streamside topics in Part 2 (May 21) will include streamer retrieves (vertical jig, jerk/strip, swing, straight line, downstream), covering and reading water, strip setting, and fighting/landing trout. After the streamside instruction everyone is encouraged to stay and apply what was learned and enjoy a day of streamer fishing.


Learning these streamer tips and techniques now will give anglers time to practice their skills in some of the higher water over the next month and to prepare for the big brownies in the fall. 


To register for the class, head to our calendar and the 301 Streamer Class.


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