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Landon Mayer @ The Colorado Springs Fly Fishing Show


Landon Mayer doesn’t need much of an intro around the South Platte River drainage.  A Colorado Springs’ native, Landon has guided on the South Platte for nearly 20 years and has become a resident expert on that fishery.  Landon will be sharing some unique tips and techniques this Saturday, March 4, at the Colorado Springs Fly Fishing Show.


landonLandon’s presentation, from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm, will give anglers a couple of take-aways that will benefit their fishing throughout the year. 


“I’ll be discussing a few key elements like timing and the challenges of different seasons, when to hunt fish, and giving ten tips on how to deliver the fly.”  Landon’s session will include tips on fishing dries, nymphs, and streamers.  With spring conditions coming up, his tips and techniques on fishing streamers — what to use, how to present and strip, when and how to fish with two streamers — will be right on time.


During his fly tying demo immediately following, Landon will cover a handful of flies that he has created and ties for Umpqua:  his mini-leech pattern, the hothead mini-leech, the Titan tube midge, and Mayer’s Mysis.  These are flies that use minimal materials and force the tier to focus on detail. 


mysisMayer’s mysis Mayer’s Titan tube midge mini-leechMayer’s mini-leech


“I’m looking forward to the Fly Fishing Show and seeing everybody there.” 


You’ll have a chance to pick up Landon’s books, too.  His most recent book 101 Trout Tips / A Guide’s Secrets, Tactics, and Techniques will become your dog-eared, bookmarked, go-to resource in no time.


What:  Colorado Springs Fly Fishing Show

Where:  Angler’s Covey, 295 21st Street, Colorado Springs, CO

Time:  9:00 – 6:00.  First 100 people in line will receive grab bags of some good stuff!


Read more about Landon Mayer on his Facebook page.


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