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Stillwater Patterns Chironomids and Stillwater Nymphs


What’s in Kenny Romero’s stillwater fly box? Chironomids, stillwater nymps, scud, and wooly buggers.


The first major insect hatch on Spinney is the large black Chironomid, sometimes referred to as the Buffalo midge.  These large chironomids are the main food source in the early spring.  Both pupa and regular chironomids are productive.  Fish Chironomids from a strike indicator rig using a very slow retrieve or twitching a static rig occasionally are effective. 


See the video from Tacky Fly Fishing for a quick lesson on tying the Buffalo Midge.



Stillwater nymphs like the Rickards Stillwater nymph are deadly stripped from a boat or float tube. 


still water nymph
Stillwater nymph



A good reliable spring rig set up includes chironomids, scud, hares ears, Stillwater nymphs in a variety of sizes and colors.  And, various woolly buggers stripped at various retrieves and depths are effective all year. 


craven's juju chironomid crowley's chironomid ice cream cone chironomid
Craven’s Juju Chironomid Crowley’s Chironomid Ice Cream Cone Chironomid


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