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Travis LaMere @ Colorado Tackle Pro

Travis LaMere,  assistant manager, fishing guide, and sales associate in our companion shop, Colorado Tackle Pro, grew up fishing the reservoirs in our backyard:  Elevenmile, Spinney, Pueblo, Brush Hollow.  When this Colorado native, born and raised in Widefield just south of Colorado Springs, says, “I’ve spent my whole life fishing,” it rings true.  Spend a few minutes chatting with Travis and two things become apparent right away.  He’s passionate about this sport, and he wants to get other people excited about it, too.

Travis is no stranger to Angler’s Covey.  “I tied Wooly Buggers for the first owner of the Covey,” he says, “when I was twelve years old.”  A few years later, Travis was entering bass fishing tourneys and traveling around the U.S. to compete.  “I’ve fished Missouri, Texas, California.  I was a semi-pro bass fisherman for about 8 years.”


Travis LaMere, left, and Chris Spaulding,

enjoy a day on the ice.

When he was 22, he met Chris Spaulding, manager of Colorado Tackle Pro.  “He taught me to fly fish and then we began trolling together all over the state.”

Travis Antero

Travis chases all species. “Basically, I ask myself three questions during any season:

What can I go fish for?  When can I go?  How will I fish for them?”

Four years ago, they were hired by David Leinweber to manage the shop that shares the building with Angler’s Covey.  “Bait shops, conventional fishing shops, stick around for about two years.  We’re the only bait shop left in town and our business is growing,” Travis says.

Part of the success of the business is their focus on customer service.  “We’re a trusted shop mainly because of word of mouth.”

Travis says that over the last four years, he has seen a shift in customers as Colorado Tackle Pro lures some customers from the big box stores around town.  “We’re meeting the needs of more anglers with different interests.”

“We don’t hide info, and we know what’s working at the different lakes and reservoirs.  We can inform the customers.  We only stock and sale what works in Colorado – and we don’t just sell to make the sell. We treat our customers with respect, and like a friend.”

Travis is a flexible angler.  “I fish conventional tackle, fly fishing, stillwater, ice fishing.”  When he’s pressed to pick a favorite – what type, where would you go – he laughs a little.  “I’ve been asked that  a hundred times.  My answer:  Fishing.  Doesn’t matter.  Whether I’m chasing 6” brook trout or 6 pound fish, I don’t care.  I don’t have an answer.  The world has too much beauty to offer.”

It’s that same attitude that Travis carries as he works with customers.  “I want people to understand that it doesn’t matter what rod you have in your hand.  We’re all equal out on the water. “

He gets quiet for a second or two.

“We’re all out here to enjoy the comfort of the sport.”

Swing by Colorado Tackle Pro to chat it up with Travis or Chris.  CTP is located at 297 South 21st Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80904.  The Shop’s phone number is (719) 634-6939.

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