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Class Close-up 301 Nymphing Class


Want to learn some new strategies and techniques to improve your nymphing game?  Angler’s Covey guides Juan Ramirez and Scott Voyles will be leading the two-part Orvis 301 Nymphing Class this Friday night (classroom) and Saturday morning (streamside) to help you flatten your learning curve.


Somewhere around 90% of a fish’s diet comes from subsurface food sources.  So, while fishing with dry flies may be flashier and sexier, “nymphing is the most productive way of fishing,” Scott says, and offers a greater chance of catching larger fish.


Juan Ramirez and Scott Voyles, Angler’s Covey Guides


The class, which is open to both beginners and those anglers with more experience on the water, will help remove some of the mystery and challenge of subsurface fishing.  From choices around fly selection, setting up leader systems, and effective line management, nymphing can sometimes be confusing.  Juan says part of the focus will be to “discuss the changes you need to make to fish more effectively and confidently. We’ll cover rigging, flies, weight, and how to cast.” Since water levels change on our local tailwaters, Juan and Scott will address reading the water and making changes when you’re on the water. 


Class info:

  • Classroom session:  Friday, June 16, 2017.  At Angler’s Covey.  6:30-8-00 pm.
  • Streamside session:  Saturday, June 17, 2017.  Destination to be determined.  Meet at Angler’s Covey at 7:00 am.

Read more and register here:  301 In-Depth Nymphing Class


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