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Father's Day Gift Ideas From Head to Toe



From clothing ideas to gear to accessories, our Guides offer great gift ideas for Father’s Day.  Check out their suggestions and come into the shop for more!


I know it has been said for years but it cannot be overstated. A good set of Polarized sunglasses along with a hat to block glare are a must! . Why cast and waste time fishing where there are not any fish? By casting to where you can see a fish or multiple fish increases the laws of probability that you will hook a fish. Fish, where there are fish! Cast the fly in front of fish! — Anthony Surage 


The Taimen TriComp LS Shirt just might be the last fishing shirt you will ever need. Its COR3 and Cool Control fabric technology block odor, wick moisture, and dry quickly. The UPF 50 sun protection rating means that your skin will stay safe under the blazing tropical sun. It literally does everything a fishing shirt needs and is absolutely worth every penny. I have tons of fishing gear, but if there is one thing I would want it is a few more of these amazing shirts.  Simms has three models of this TriComp / BiComp styling: Taiman TriComp, GT Tricomp, and Intruder (Read David’s complete review here.)David Leinweber 

I want a Fishpond Nomad Guide Net. They are light and almost indestructible. This Ghost Bag net is deep enough for the biggest of trout. — Dave Herber

Rising Fly Fishing 6” pliers.  As a Guide, I add and remove split shot like nobody’s business. Changing weight can make all the difference, and thse pilers are the best tool that I carry.  — Earl Hecker

My seining net (the specific big one that goes around your landing net) . Helps to clue in on the activity, as well as feed my natural curiosity on the bugs. — Bob Taylor 

(Picture unavailable.  Bob is on the river right now, using the seine.)

Angler’s Accessories Stomach pump!!! You find out what they are eating rather than just what is available to the fish. And what stage the insect is most preferred by the creature you are trying to catch. And they do not harm the fish as much as trying to take that perfect pic. – Steve Gossage

I like the Umpqua waist pack. The steel frame keeps it in place. Holds everything I need. It is a great product. — David Caraghar

I love my Fishpond Stream thermometer. It confirms that the water is cold and when it’s warm. Kidding aside, I can also keep better track of upcoming hatches and keep better records of hatches over the years. – Juan Ramirez 

The Simms Intruder wet wading boots. No more having to wear wading socks and the are super comfortable. They feel like your wearing hiking boots. The neoprene cuffs keep debris from getting into the boot as well. — Justin Brenner


I agree! These lightweight boots become my everyday driver in the summer. They are light, comfortable, decent support, and have sturdy Vibram soles for good grip. — Jon Easdon


Come into the shop for all of your Father’s Day gift ideas!  Remember, we’re open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day.  And take advantage of our Happy Hour to fill your fly box — 20% off all flies between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m.!



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