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Fly of the Week Amy's Ant


It’s hard to say which fly pattern we all collectively like the most here at the shop. But somewhere real close to the top of all of our lists is the Amy’s Ant.


This fly seems to do well no matter where it’s fished.  From small streams, to tailwaters, to lakes and reservoirs, the Amy’s Ant does a great job of covering hoppers, caddis, and even stoneflies. One of the most versatile summer patterns out there, this pattern easily gets our nod as Fly of the Week. 


Amy’s Ant in olive or red and sizes 8-14

are go-to patterns in the summer.

This cutthroat was fooled by an

Amy’s Ant on one of our reservoirs.


This is usually the first terrestrial pattern we run out of every year, so be sure to grab a bunch the next time you are in the shop. 


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