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Bachelor Party on the River

by Dave Herber


John is getting married!


For his bachelor party, he asked his Dad for a guided fly fishing trip in 11 Mile Canyon with his brother and close friends.

Steve Armijo and I met the group at Spillway Campground at 5:30 am on Saturday morning where they had tent camped for the night. They were all up and drinking percolated coffee to prepare for the morning.

Four of these young men were new to fly fishing and they all landed their first trout on fly rods.


Although the flow was more than 300 cfs, only three of the young men fell in the water. We’ve all been there!


I have great admiration for John’s choice for his bachelor party. Instead of an evening of wine, women and song, he chose to have a morning of Tricos, trout, and to share his passion for fly fishing with his family and close friends. 


We congratulate John for his upcoming nuptials and wish them all well in their journey with fly rods.


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