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Fish the Eclipse Tips & Techniques


Because Monday’s solar eclipse is such a rare occurrence, I checked in with a handful of our guides to shed a little light on strategies for fishing the eclipse.  So, read up and don’t let the celestial phenomenon throw shade on your Monday fishing adventure.



Go Small:  Fish eyesight is intensified ten-fold during an eclipse. Use 12x tippet and size 39 grasshoppers. A 0 weight rod and 100′ casts should help, too. – Earl Hecker


Dizzy Happens:  Don’t worry if you become confused, dizzy, or out of sorts. The fish will be, too. – Justin Brenner


Give ‘em something new: I was thinking it would be the perfect time to throw that fly that never works. You know, that one fly that’s still on your tying desk that you tied long ago …part streamer, part dry fly, with an entire package of flashabou. Since the eclipse will trick the fish into thinking the world is over, they will be eager to get that last meal. – Jon Easdon


eclipseUse structure: My plan for fishing during the eclipse is to target the bridges. Almost all the fish will be under the bridges during the eclipse.  Or is that during a rain storm?  Damn. I think it is during a rainstorm not an eclipse.  Nevermind.  – Juan Ramirez



Eyewear: Don’t forget to wear your eclipse glasses when fishing, before, during and after the eclipse. The fish will see you and take pity on your geekiness  and jump on your hook. – Bob Taylor




Colorado won’t be in the eclipse’s “area of totality” on Monday, but we’re confident these tips will have you totally covered. 


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