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Into the Adventure with Bradley and Mark


I ran into Bradley and Mark Smith at the Guide Yard Sale today and enjoyed hearing about their journey into the adventure of fly fishing.  It all started when Bradley took the Women’s Class in early summer of 2016. Then she and Mark followed up with the 101 class. While their curiosity was high, they went on a guided fly trip with husband-and-wife team, Jim and Janine Young.


Bradley and Mark“If our guides hadn’t been patient, we wouldn’t have continued,” Bradley says.  “They gave us exactly enough knowledge to keep us going.”  Bradley and Mark were successful in Elevenmile Canyon and then they did a second trip into Wildcat Canyon with Jim and Janine.  “They made us successful, catching fish each time out.”


Bradley and Mark shared the adventure with their son when he was back home visiting.  They rented gear for the three of them, and then they passed on their knowledge to him.  “He was successful, too!” 


Both mentioned that they have had plenty of experience river rafting and didn’t realize the life that thrived beneath them. “There is a whole world existing in the river!”  They marveled at once you’ve taken a class and learned to fly fish, you can’t look at a river without looking at it in new ways. 


Two years later, they’re taking the next steps into the adventure.


“We love coming into the shop because we learn a little every time,” Mark said. 


“It’s a great thing.  We’ll come in and say ‘I’m heading to east Beaver Creek.  What should I take?’  At this point, we don’t know enough about the bugs,” Mark said.  As a matter of fact, they signed up for the entomology class while at the Guide Yard Sale. 


Bradley mentioned that she loves the fact they can rent gear from the shop before committing to buying, giving them the chance to try out different brands before they buy.


Laughing the whole time but somehow serious, too, Bradley says she “loves the outfit! Waders are really neat, all in one piece!”  No argument there, for sure.    


See you on the river, Bradley and Mark!


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