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Facebook Friends Reflect on 2018


We invited our Facebook friends to share their 2018 Highlights as part of our “reflections” series. We also asked them to include a challenge they faced – and hopefully overcame – this past year. Here are their responses.




Jannetta Knight 


Highlight: Fishing Rainbow Falls and getting a fish pic with my husband thanks to Dave Herber!

Challenge: Getting out to fish more small streams!


Steve Selvig

Highlight: My wife catching a 24″ “Master Angler” cutbow on Spinney last June. HOT day and the trout had to be released quickly to avoid killing it. I only regret not getting the smile on Ann’s face on camera. If there is extra credit, fly was likely bought from your shop!


A. J. Gamboa


Highlight: Catching awesome high mtn trout, and landing at Decker’s, dreamstream, and the Arkansas.


Challenges: Figuring out what to do after hunting season, learning to fly fish.


Bresnick Nick Hax

Highlight was fishing with Angler’s Covey in Cheesman and the Taylor! Nuff said.


Don DeLoach


Highlight: 23-1/2″, 5-1/2#, 5x tippet and #16 dry fly at 9000′ in a small public freestoner.


Editor’s note:  This is probably my favorite (other than the highlight with my wife, Jannetta, above).  Beautiful fish, small stream, public waterand on a dry fly?  That is what this adventure is all about!




Jane Berryman


Highlight: Upper stretch of Rio Grande

Challenge 2018 was finding cold water to fish to not harm trout!


Editor’s note:  Jane makes a great point about the water levels and temps!

Here’s hoping that 2019 brings a great winter snowpack for healthy fish and flows!  




Mike Moore

Here’s a highlight from my year. Watching this fish landed in the tandem kayak by Dave and Becky! Happy New Year Angler’s Covey!


As Drake, the shop dog, looks on!




Angelo Castro

Highlight: caught the biggest rainbow ever
Challenges: wished I could have fished more




Lindsay Boone

Highlight: Orvis 201 on Sunday, fishing on my own on Monday!




Jason Gomez

Highlight: Teaching my wife to fly fish and getting her hooked.




Alan Peak 


I think my highlight is realizing we have a semi-viable fishery right in our backyard. I look forward to fishing it, and hopefully bring awareness to a place that was otherwise thought of as a sewer.


To all of our friends – Facebook and real life – who accepted the invitation into adventure in 2018, we wish you the most prosperous and happiest of new years for 2019.  May your highlights be a’plenty and your challenges overcome!  


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