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Looking Forward


Orvis 2019 Fly Shop of the Year. We think it has a nice ring to it, and we’re proud to have recently received this honor from Orvis – based on many criteria including reviews of our guide services, customer satisfaction, and product line.  More importantly, as we reflect on this accomplishment, we are even more motivated to serve the outdoor enthusiasts in the Pikes Peak region, and the fly fishing community at large, as we envision our future efforts.


 The Covey crew was well-represented at the recent

Orvis Rendezvous. Rachel Leinweber, General Manager,

accepted the Award on behalf of the shop owners,

David and Becky Leinweber.


The Angler’s Covey staff and guides are humbled by the customer feedback we have received over the past few years. We are proud of the positive reviews our guides receive for the fly fishing experiences they create for their clients.  Additionally, our sales staff establish a positive relationship so that the purchasing experience meets the needs of each individual customer. And, of course, we thank our long-time customers and friends of the shop, and our new customers, too, for continuing to use Angler’s Covey to meet all their fly fishing needs.  


David Leinweber, Angler’s Covey co-owner along with his wife, Becky, recognizes that “to be a great fly shop, you have to be connected to great fishing opportunities.” Fly fishing shops walk that fine line between promoting outdoor recreation and fostering conservation of the resources.  “We want to be sustainable as a shop so we can then further represent the outdoor recreation community.”  


To that end, Angler’s Covey ownership and staff has been deliberate in its decision making as a user of our natural resources. “We’re very conscious of our impact on the environment,” David said, pointing out that the guides are part of the Kick Plastic campaign.  Those efforts include using no disposable, plastic water bottles on their guide trips, instead using metal containers. Becky Leinweber has also initiated the certification process with the Leave No Trace organization and apply that group’s seven principles to the fly fishing adventure.  


David and Becky also recognize the vital importance of having a voice in policy making. “It’s important that we represent our customer base around the political issues” inherent in outdoor recreation. Luis Benitez, former Director of the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office, said that the Leinweber family has “created a space for the community to talk about issues important to outdoor recreation – and the Leinweber’s then take that conversation up to the state government.”  


David has been on the Executive Committee of the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office since its creation in 2015. His role on that Committee has been to assist the governor in establishing policy for outdoor recreation in Colorado. In addition, he has served on the board of the Pikes Peak Chapter of Trout Unlimited for many years. The community focus of the Shop extends, too, to the Colorado Springs chapter of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing – an organization serving the military veterans in our community. Through the Fly Fishing Film Tour co-hosted by Angler’s Covey, the Shop helps raise nearly $30,000 in donations to introduce fly fishing to our service men and women, and to offer them opportunities in fly tying, rod building, and extended fly fishing outings throughout the year.  


Becky Leinweber is also involved in community events and policy-shaping efforts that create a thriving outdoor recreation industry. She has been instrumental in establishing a mini-camp for women involved with Casting for Recovery. Casting for Recovery’s mission is to “enhance the quality of life of women with breast cancer through a unique retreat program that combines breast cancer education and peer support with the therapeutic sport of fly fishing.” Becky is also the Executive Director of the Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance. In 2019, Becky joined the Visit Colorado Springs Board of Directors


As Luis Benitez said, “owning a fly shop is more than selling flies and having rods and reels in the shop. [David and Becky’s] dedication to the outdoors recreation industry and the important issues within that are clearly evident.” 


Finally, the guides and staff at Angler’s Covey recognize their role in building the knowledge base of anglers from newcomer to the sport to seasoned veteran.  Through classes, guide trips, video productions called Tips and Tricks, our weekly newsletter, and (hopefully) this blog, the staff wants to convey ethical practices on the water that will sustain this sport. Angler’s Covey has always prided itself on being a learning center – and that includes not only learning the sport (i.e. how to rig, matching the hatch, reading the river, etc.) but also being informed of the practices of conservation and preservation of our resources. 


Director of Services, Jon Easdon, probably said it best: “we are humbled and honored” to receive the 2019 Fly Shop of the Year Award from Orvis. “Humbled” because we know that our success is due to the relationship we have with our customers. “Honored” because we know that there are other shops doing outstanding work in the fly fishing world. And we are “committed” to continue to serve the fly fishing community with great guides, quality products, informative classes, and responsive customer service.  


Equally, if not more importantly, we are committed to be a voice for our customer base to keep outdoor recreation as a sustainable adventure into the future. We won’t rest on our past achievements – but, instead, we’ll use them as a catalyst to continue the work needing to be done.


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