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Review “Mastering the Short Game”


In the intro of his new DVD, Mastering the Short Game, Landon Mayer says that he believes “there’s always a better way to find and catch more and larger trout.”  His DVD makes us all believers by the time the video ends. Landon takes us through the sequence from chasing big fish to getting them in the net whether we are nymphing, fishing dries, or stripping streamers. This video is one that you will want to view, and view again, throughout the season.


Let me begin by giving a shout-out for the video’s quality. Using high definition video, Landon has produced a resource that is not only informative but a really nice product visually. Some might say it is aesthetically pleasing.  His bonus footage called “Taylor River Fish Fight” is competitive with any video on the Internet or old clips of American Sportsman (for you old-timers).  



The video’s menu makes for easy navigation.  Of course, press

“Play All” for your first (of many) viewings.


The organization of the video makes it easy to view and for efficient repeated viewings. The three major sections are focused on the types of fishing:  nymph, dry, streamer. Within each section, the organization stays consistent:  approach strategies, casting and presentation, fighting and landing fish, and each section finishes with essential flies and rigs. This organization strategy makes it a true learning resource when you want to review a section as you prepare for your next outing.  


Rather than go into detail about each section – because my description won’t do justice to the information that is delivered – I will praise the strategy Landon uses in this video. As a great teacher, he models what he is explaining. We get to watch Landon in action as he describes the strategy or technique he is using. As Landon presents the fly, mends the line, or fights the fish, we get to witness what he is explaining. Modeling + explanation/analysis = great teaching.   



There’s also an added bonus to hear Landon when a “tank fish” with a “big ol’ mouth came up just like a gator” takes his Amy’s Ant.  “My heart’s going 100 miles per hour,” Landon says as the battle begins. It’s really a beautiful thing to witness a seasoned pro’s excitement to put it all together. When he gets the beautiful cutthroat to the net, we can see what Landon was so excited about!


I particularly like two elements in the video that are consistent in each section. Landon mentions that it is important to think outside of the box, and his comments throughout the video reveal ways that he challenges conventional wisdom. He mentions, for instance, that he often “unmatches the hatch.”  He challenges the myth that dry fly fishing dies off when the wind picks up. He challenges conventional wisdom, in other words, to help take your angling game to the next level.  


The other element is the Essential Rigs and Flies portion. Landon identifies some go-to patterns for each type of fishing that is helpful.  More importantly, I like the attention he gives to rigs.  Not only do we get a nice visual of each rig, Landon’s comments and explanation of how he sets them up is very informative.  



Landon Mayer will be the speaker at the

Pikes Peak Chapter of Trout Unlimited’s monthyl 

membership meeting on May 28.  For time and

directions, click here.  



The focus of Landon’s DVD is on the short game, and he sticks to that theme throughout the video. “80% of the trout are caught within 20’ or less. [The short game] is one of the most effective ways to find and catch larger trout especially on public and pressured waters.”  


This video can be one of the tools in your box to help catch that fish of a lifetime.  


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