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Now That's a Funny Story


When I interviewed Kevin Gossage for our Father’s Day feature about memories he had fishing with dad, Steve Gossage (one of our long-time guides here at the Covey), Kevin told me about the time fishing below the dam at Estes.  It was such a funny story, I had to confirm with Steve.


Kevin said, “A few years ago in Estes we were fishing below the dam.  My dad foul hooked about his first ten fish and then he finally hooked one in the mouth.”  Sounds like a story any of us may have experienced, right?


Kevin continued.  “It was a dead fish! We both laughed our asses off.”


So I talked with Steve to confirm it.


“Oh yeah.” Steve remembered it.  “It was like, starting-to-decay-dead.  Swear to God.  Hook was right in his top lip.”


Good fighter, Steve?  “Not so much. Thought it was a branch.”


“That’s my funniest fishing story of my life.”



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