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Stillwater Sizzling Summer — Sales and More!


The action on our local stillwater fisheries — Rosemont, North and South Catamounts, Antero and Spinney Mountain reservoirs — is heating up.  This winter and spring provided great snow pack and now all of our stillwater reservoirs are full of great water! Kenny Romero, Angler’s Covey guide, gives us a look into what’s happening right now on our local stillwater!


Having accessibility and mobility can vastly improve your chances of having a great day of fly-fishing on stillwater. Trout will congregate around aquatic  vegetation and weed beds because that’s where food sources like callebaetis mayflies, damsel flies, caddis flies and snails live. Being able to reach weed beds is critical to successful fly fishing on stillwaters. 

Float tubes like the Fish Cat series, personal pontoon boats like my Outcast PAC9 and kayaks like the Hobie series are great ways to get to the action. 


We’re currently offering sales on many Outcast raftsthe Striker, 800FS, Cat 9-IR, Streamer-IR, Super Fat Cat-LCS, the Stealth Pro, the Fish Cat Scout, Fish Cat 4 Deluxe and Fish Cat 4 LCS


Maybe you would want to try out one of our guided kayak fishing trips.  See our blog for a full write up on this new adventure!


Once you’re on the water use all three phases of fly fishing, nymph, dry and streamer fishing. 


Buffalo Midges (Chironomids) and callibaetis nymphs fished below a strike indicator are effective now.  Angler’s Covey has a full range of these patterns in various sizes and colors.  Slump busters and wooly buggers, as well as Damsel flies, stripped at various speeds around weedbeds are working. 

When you see rising fish, throw an Elk Hair or Goddard caddis (size 12 to 16), Parachute Adams (size 12 to 18) or Griffith’s gnat (size 18 to 20). As we move more into summer, hopper patterns, like the Hopper Juan, will draw strikes.  Fishing a hopper dropper is also effective around weedbeds or shorelines. 


The key to successful Stillwater fishing is to be adaptable and creative and being prepared to use all three phases of flyfishing.


Good luck and be safe out there!


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