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Forecast: Dry (flies) & Hot (action)

With flows finally dropping to more routine levels, the mid- and late-summer fly fishing is going to be fantastic.  The late and long run-off has set the calendar back a little bit, but dry fly fishing is heating up and it’s only going to get better.  What’s in store for the dog days of summer?

Over the next few weeks, we are going to focus this blog and our social media (Facebook and Instagram) on some of the unique aspects of our local fisheries.  We’ll spotlight some gear and accessory choices, fly pattern selections and rigging, location options (backcountry, small stream, tailwaters), wet wading tips, and … mosquito repellant (they’re going to be big and nasty as flows recede and temps rise).

We’re going to launch our summer focus with our “Dog Days of Summer” photo contest on Facebook and Instagram.  So find your best photos with your four-legged fishing buddy, think of the story behind that photo, and then watch for an announcement later this week for the contest to begin!  Top three photo-story combinations will win some canine-swag when the contest ends in mid-August!

So, rub on the sunscreen, fill up your water bottles, spray on the repellant, and prepare for some great fishing!

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