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Annual Guide Yard Sale Saturday, Oct. 12!


One of my favorite events of the season is this Saturday, October 12, at the Covey.  Beginning at 9:00 a.m., it’s the annual Guide Yard Sale.  Our Guides spread out their used gear on our lawn (well, on large tables, mainly) for sale at great prices.  Yes, their gear is slightly used — but also really well-maintained because they make their living using it.  And, as Jon Easdon, Director of Services, says “the rods have all sorts of good fish karma all over them.”  What else makes this a great event?  I asked a couple of guides for their perspective.


“Customers can get high quality, well-taken care of gear at 40-70% off,” Juan Ramirez, Hopper Juan, reminded me.  Most of their gear has been used for just one season, but you know that it was checked and maintained throughout that time, not just stuck back in the rod vault or the trunk of a car where it sat for awhile in the heat.


Josh Heney echoes that sentiment and adds that someone who may be new and wants to upgrade his or her gear can get some quality equipment for a great price.  The other thing, “the camaraderie that goes with meeting and talking about the passion we all love” makes for a great morning. 


Justin Brenner wrapped up the interview nicely.  The best part of the Guide Yard Sale? “Getting gear that the best guides on the planet have been using.”


See you on Saturday, October 12, at 9:00 a.m.  Get to the Shop early — the best deals go fast!

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