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2019 Gift Ideas from Our Guides and Staff

by Angler’s Covey Guides and Sales Staff

From the soles of your feet to the top of your head, from your tying table to your rod tip, the Angler’s Covey guides and sales staff have your gift-giving ideas covered. Check out these suggestions just in time for Small Business Saturday.

Orvis PRO Wading Boot

The Orvis Pro Wading Boot has changed my overall fly fishing experience each time out and it comes down to this: comfort level on the water. Prior to owning the Orvis Pro Boot, I was extremely uncomfortable while walking and wading. My feet and ankles would become sore; knee pain and fatigue would set in within the first 30 minutes of fishing. The Orvis Pro Wading Boot has given me a new perspective on being comfortable while getting to my destination and while wading. This boot is extremely lightweight for its size, minimizing the amount of effort in hiking long distances to my fishing destination. I am able to hike miles in this boot; no problem.  This boot provides extreme durability to dominate all conditions and out performs any boot I have owned. The Michelin Tire rubber soul gives it an upper edge in strength, durability, and grip on slick surfaces providing me a safer experience on the water. The arch and ankle support gives me the confidence to reach difficult areas on the water and hunker down at a spot without my feet, ankles, and knees hurting.  I am confident in saying that I will never purchase any other wading boot. Buy it online. ~~ Joey Mikulas (Staff Member)

Simms Flyweight Wading Boot

Simms flyweight boots: comfortable, light and still durable. Simms hit a home run with these boots. I’ve put a lot of hours on mine and they are still going strong. Buy it online. ~~ Zack Tokach (Guide)

Simms G3Z Women’s Waders

I’m most excited about the new women’s G3Z waders. It’s about time women have a zipper! With winter upon us, the zipper will make it so much easier to deal with extra layers under my waders. I’m also looking forward to unzipping next summer on hot days. ~~ Kristina Dougherty (Guide)

Simms Women’s Mid-layer Fleece

I’ve worn these pieces (Simms Fleece Mid-layer Half Zip, Women’s Fleece Mid-layer Bottom) for the last few months, and I am thoroughly impressed. These new pieces fit my size well. They aren’t bulky in waders and yet are not constricting. The Lightweight Core Bottoms have a strap that goes under your foot to hold the pants in place — perfect for getting into waders. And these have proven to be equally perfect for fishing colder days this winter. ~~ Janine Young (Guide/Instructor)


Orvis H3 Artist Series Rods

These new limited edition H3 fly rods are a great addition for any angler. Each rod is literally one of a kind: each rod cork is hand-burned by the artist so no two are the same. The brown trout is on the 5 weight, and a bonefish dresses up the 8 weight. Jump on this opportunity to own something both functional and beautiful! ~~ Steven Armijo (Guide/Staff Member)


Orvis Mirage LT Reel

I really like the new Orvis Mirage LT reels. This made-in-the-USA reel is based on the bigger Orvis Mirage reel, but comes in smaller and lighter, maintaining the incredible fish-fighting performance.  It has a lighter version of the sealed and maintenance-free carbon and stainless steel drag system, perfect for a balanced lightweight rod/reel outfit. Buy it online. ~~ Bob Taylor (Guide)

Orvis PRO Fly Lines

The newly redesigned fly lines by Orvis have really impressed me. I am someone who is just as hard on gear as I am critical of it, so it takes a special product to get me excited. These lines were redesigned from the ground up with new materials and tapers. Although the Orvis PRO Lines were specifically designed to cast with the new H3 fly rods, I’ve found they excel on every medium-fast to fast action rod on the market. They are offered in both smooth and textured versions with a few different tapers. Supreme floatability round out these lines making them some of the best I have ever fished. See the whole line of Orvis lines online. ~~ Jon Easdon (Director of Services/ Guide)

Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Backpack

My favorite piece of gear is the Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Backpack.  I fish in all conditions and, as a matter of fact, I fall in the river a lot. I even recently took a digger head first off the front of a drift boat. Plus fishing every year in Patagonia, rain can be a daily occurrence. I can’t afford to have wet flies or gear. The Thunderhead is roomy and comfortable. I know that it will keep all my swag dry no matter how many times I decide to swim down the river in my waders.  In my opinion, no other streamside gear bag comes close. Buy it online. ~~ Robert Younghanz (Guide/ Instructor)

Renzetti Traveler Fly Vise

My Renzetti Traveler Fly Tying Vise has “Stood the Test of Time.” For more than 20 years my Renzetti Traveler has performed flawlessly for the thousands of flies I have tied. Mine is a cam operated clamp style. It still holds a fine wire size 26 hook as firmly as a size 4. I use the rotary function on every fly I tie. Two strong features of this vise are portability and simplicity. Buy it online. ~~ Dave Herber (Guide/ Instructor)

Orvis PRO Insulated Hoodie

I am amped about the new 2019 ORVIS PRO INSULATED HOODY. I have a serious outer-wear problem, so when this jacket came out, it helped to curb my obsession. To further elaborate on how good this item is, Orvis PRO sales far surpassed their expectations, so their production plan had to be reevaluated and jumped up. This hoody comes from their line of Orvis PRO fishing apparel, designed for fly-fishers, yet built for athletes. This jacket has the edge on other synthetic insulation jackets made by big name outdoor companies. The stretching shell fabric, body-mapped insulation (core heat in the right places), breathe-ability and fit, all combine to create a superb product. This hoody is not meant for zero-degree type weather, but will serve its purpose anywhere from 30 to 60 degrees. I stay mobile, light, and clean cut. I use it as a stan- alone jacket for trips around town or on cold fishing expeditions. The look is sleek, professional, comfortable, and doesn’t implement LOUD brand awareness. This jacket created some space in my closet, and has served me well every time I wear it.  ~~ Blaise Gabrielle (Assistant store manager/Guide)

Simms Women’s Exstream BiComp Hoodie

This new offering in both the men’s and women’s line is turning heads.  Its low-bulk design wears perfectly under ​waders or bibs while the fully insulated hood with elastic binding offers extra security against unruly elements. Whether rowing, motoring or casting, gusseted arm panels enhance range of motion. Water-shedding cuffs with thumb loops keep dry sleeves in place. And a zippered chest pocket holds go-to essentials where they belong. This piece has become a favorite with all of our women in the shop. ~~ Consensus Favorite of Our Women Guides and Sales Team!



Want more suggestions?  Come into the shop and talk with our informed staff for that angler in your life.  We have great gear and apparel whether the fly fisher in your life is new to the adventure or a seasoned expert!

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