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Q&A With Mountain Sports Products

Ross Kingsley, Alex Elkins, and Erik Johnson are the sales group from Mountain Sports Products and represent a long list of products we carry in the Shop. They’ve attended the Hootenanny for many, many years – dating back to before it was the Hootenanny. “The Covey’s customer base is a very passionate and fun group of folks! We enjoy kicking off the spring season with you guys.” Here is my Q&A session with them about Hootenanny 2020.

What will be some of your focus for the Hootenanny?

The beauty of being a consumer in 2020 is there is no shortage of good gear to look at and choose from. Events like the Hootenanny really offer consumers an opp to take it all in, ask questions, build relationships with your favorite brands, and be thinking about what is the BEST tool for the job. The brands we sell really focus on how to help everyone take their experience to the next level.

Every passionate angler certainly has enough gear to get the job done — but is it the best and most specific tool for the avenue of the sport they enjoy the most? We try to bring as much product to the Hootenanny as possible to give folks the opportunity to truly assess it all and work with us in finding a product that is right for them.

We will primarily be highlighting products from Sage, RIO, Redington, Fishpond, SMITH, and Outcast at the event. Talking about new gear is always exciting!

Here are a few highlights we’ll share with the Angler’s Covey customer base:

  • New Sage Trout LL (dry fly rod and perfect for South Platte and neighboring fisheries).
  • RIO’s new Technical Trout dry fly line. Great line for casting and presenting dry flies to technical fish: think about your hatches for local tailwaters.
  • SMITH Chromapop technology. Been out for a few years now but more and more folks continue to learn and see the benefits. Really changes the game for people on the water and for those that are just looking for a more comfortable lens on their eyes to wear in everyday life. The beauty of SMITH is there is a frame and style for everyone but with a fishing lens option. So from the street to the water we have lots of options that appeal to a wide range of people.
  • Fishpond always has a few amazing new products each year. For 2020 we have new Tacky Fly Boxes, the thickest waterproof material packs on the market found in the Thunderhead series, and the new Flathead Sling and Upstream Tech Vest.

We’re proud of our “cyclepond story” where each pack uses recycled components to better take care of the planet. Fishpond really has it all for every consumer out there. Located in the heart of Denver, it’s a close-to-home brand that is incredibly unique.

  • Outcast has two new float tubes this year: the Rise and the Cruzer. Rise is the first float tube from Outcast for under $200 and weighs only 8 lbs (perfect for hiking into the backcountry). The Cruzer is built around the famous Fish Cat but with added oars which takes maneuverability to a whole new level.

What else should our customer base know about you?

We are super friendly and we live for engaging with fans of the products and brands we sell. We all got into this business for the people and relationships. No question is a stupid question so please ask away. We look forward to seeing you soon!

When: March 7

Time: 9:00 to 3:00 (but arrive early for the doorbuster prizes handed out to the first 100!)

Where: Angler’s Covey. 295 S. 21st. st. Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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