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Shop Small, Support Local

by Jon Easdon, Director of Services

As an active member in the Colorado Springs community, it’s always very important for my family and me to support small businesses. Now more than ever, I feel it’s extremely important to help out those businesses as much as I can.

I’m not going to go into some big thing explaining how the COVID-19 situation has affected us. It’s affecting everyone we know in some form or fashion. We’ve all grown tired of hearing about it. It’s the reality right now and many businesses, employees, and families are feeling the pinch.

I, like so many other people I know, am currently unemployed, so supporting a business financially might be a little more difficult. But, every little bit helps.

Here are some great ways to support your local fly shop.

  1. Book your guided trip now if you are planning to fish with us this summer. This is a very big one. We are also offering a $50 discount towards any future bookings. We employ over 30 guides through the summer, and booking trips now will help them immensely when they most need it. These bookings will also take precedence in our prime and exclusive locations. We will also be offering some discounted private water options this season.
  2. If you are in the market for new gear this year, now is a great time to make a purchase. We currently have 20% OFF everything in our store. We are offering curb side pickup and FREE delivery (within city limits). You can either shop through our web store or call the shop/email us to place your order. We will even do FaceTime shopping with you to help you pick out the right products. Click here for our temporary shopping policies.
  3. If you have a trip booked with us within the next month, please consider moving it to a later date. These bookings help the guides out and ensure a day of work for them. Again, this situation will end, and you will definitely want to go fishing!
  4. With the financial pinch, it may be hard to spend any money right now. You can help by spreading the word about these deals to all of your friends. Then ask them to do the same.
  5. Support other local small businesses. Whether its ordering takeout food or purchasing products, every little bit helps.

Small businesses are the economic foundation of their communities with about 67% of money spent in a small business staying in that community. They contribute to the community because they are built on the efforts of families, single parents, and local entrepreneurs striving to make a difference

Supporting your local small businesses right now will help insure their presence when this is all over… and it will be over. Before long, we will be enjoying the prolific BWO and Caddis hatches that kick off some of the most fun fishing we have.

Stay safe. Stay strong.

And thank you for Shopping Small!

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