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Fall Fishing Forecast Stewardship 2020

“Fish live in beautiful places,” and nothing compares to the beauty of the Fall season. As summer slowly transitions into fall, we have some awesome fishing challenges on our local fisheries. The autumn season also means that we have to step-up our efforts to be good ambassadors of the sport and stewards of the earth. This “fall forecast” is both an invitation to fish and a cautionary tale.


Before we talk about the beauty of autumn fishing and the challenges the fall season brings to get fish to the net, let’s talk about being good stewards of our local fisheries, specifically the Dream Stream. With the current unseasonably warm temperatures and predictably low flows, the fish there could get hammered. Protecting this awesome stretch of the South Platte is in the hands, first and foremost, of the anglers who fish it.

As Jon Easdon, Director of Services at Angler’s Covey, says, “these fish never get a break. Night fishing. Fishing during the spawn. Fish get ripped off the redd, blow their eggs … all for a picture on Instagram. People who abuse it are the biggest threat to one of the best wild trout fisheries in the country.”

Although it may be a tough thing to do, we need to hold ourselves and other anglers accountable for behavior that will preserve the fishery. The heavy pressure these fish get – 100s of anglers for such a finite number of fish – and practices that do not represent sport fishing at all (treble hooks to snag reproducing trout, fishing the redds, playing a fish to exhaustion and mishandling it for a photo), we have a “recipe for disaster.”

“The only effective way to curb unethical fishing is to use the same avenue that they do. They’re going to be putting their fish pictures on social media. We need to take pictures of anglers who are abusing the fish when we see this [stuff] going on. Put them all on blast. Put their pictures on social media. They need to get called out on every angle.”

Left to rot. This beautiful trout may have been

played too long in too warm of conditions to survive.

Fall Fishing Forecast

Fall fishing comes with its own challenges. Covey guide, Juan Ramirez says that, “as the days get shorter, the water gets lower and the fish become more selective. These fish have seen it all by now and if something is off, they won’t eat it.”

Juan and Jon agree that the Tricos should keep popping right now. BWOs, especially on cloudy days, are the main bugs out on the water. Ramirez says that “everything has to be precise: your casts, your drifts and your fly selection.” Go to tiny flies, size 22 to 26.

And don’t forget that stillwater fishing can be great in October. The water temp is cooling off but fish are turning on. Elevenmile and Spinney reservoirs are continuing to fish well and could be great fishing until they close access in mid-November.

As usual, come into the shop for fishing reports on all of our local fisheries, talk to our staff, and get the gear you need to enjoy an outstanding fall season on the water.

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