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Staff Picks: 2020 Gift Guide

Our guides and retail staff gathered around the ol’ fireplace (six feet apart) and talked about their top choices for gifts this year. From head to toe, from river to tying table, we have great gift ideas for the angler in your life this holiday season.

Neil Luehring (AC Guide): Orvis Mirage LT Reel

Orvis LT

Earlier this year I decided to purchase a new rod and reel to add to my collection. I chose an Orvis Helios 3 10′ 4wt rod and one of the new Mirage LT reels. While the rod is awesome, I have been very impressed with the reel.

The Mirage LT is a lighter duty version of the Mirage reel. It has the same attention to detail and very discriminating drag system as the full Mirage with much less weight. 

The reel is super smooth in the overall feel and the operation of the drag system. This makes it perfect for fishing trout on our waters. 

If you are looking for a high performance reel you definitely need to check out the Mirage LT, they are making some pretty cool colors too!

Greg Blessing (AC Guide): Orvis Mirage LT Reel

Lighter weight makes it the perfect for your 2-4wt, 10’ or longer rods! I have matched mine with 10’ 3wt Recon, a 10’ 4wt Helios3, and a 10’6” 3wt Helios 3! Try one out!! One of the best drag systems out there! Happy Holidays and see you on the water !!  

Andrea Pasquan (Executive Assistant): Orvis Hydros Reel/Blue

The new Hydros reels are an angler’s dream. Great drag system, lightweight, and now offered in this great blue color! Get it now, because when they are gone they’ll be gone forever!

Gary Karbousky (AC Guide): Simms G4Z Waders

I’m asking Santa for new G4Z waders this year. I’ve had a pair for several years (1000+ days on the water), and I deserve a new pair. The zipper is the main selling point for me, but they’re tough and water tight! When you’re an old dude and you’re making more pit stops than in your younger years, you’ll truly appreciate the convenience they offer, especially in the winter wearing several layers of clothing. They cost a few bucks more, but worth every penny!!  

Kenny Romero (AC Guide): Smith Guide’s Choice sunglasses

Optics appear on “gift  ideas” every year – and for good reason. Good sunglasses are one of the most important but overlooked items for the angler who wants to take their fly-fishing game to the next  level.  “Smith’s Guide Choice” polarized sunglasses have features that will help you see small subtleties in the water that will make a big difference in your fly fishing success from spotting hard to see fish to seeing almost imperceptible sipping trout. You’ll see fly fishing from a whole new perspective with these sunglasses!

Dave Herber (AC Guide): Orvis PRO Waders and Boots

I wore the Orvis Pro Wader and the Orvis Pro Boots this season and I am very pleased with their performance.  As I have gotten older, the attraction for the convenience of a zipper has grown.  I’ll give them a test drive next year. 

Angel Cruz (Staff member): Simms GTS Gear Duffel

It seems there is never enough bags out there to store things, whether it’s extra gear or your main storage bag. The new GTS bags from Simms are the perfect solution for me. They are simplistic in design and have just enough space and pockets for my gear. The added bonus is the fact that they also have integrated backpack straps. Having another carrying option is key! Available in the 50L and 80L sizes

Becky Leinweber (Owner/Guide/Mama Bear): Kuhl Weekendr Tight

The Weekendr Tight is a must have for every lady! These tights are uber comfortable, warm and are perfect for any outdoor adventure. Highly abrasion resistant and durable. 

David Leinweber (Owner): Kuhl pants

Kuhl always makes our gift guide and for good reason. This year we are focusing on their pants.  They have everything from heavy work pants to comfy everyday pants. The tech features really round out their offerings with performance, quality, comfort and fit. Also offered are several different cuts –– making this truly a pant for everyone. 

Juan Ramirez (AC Guide): Loon Tying Products

Loon’s UV Clear Fly Finish and Loon’s  Infinity Light is a must-have for the fly tying bench.  There are many new fly patterns out there that call for a good UV resin to finish and coat finished flies.  The UV clear resins are available in three viscosities with the Thin being my favorite. And for someone who already has everything, the UV resin comes in different colors. I have been using both the UV clear resin and Infinity Light for a few years now and I can report back that they are great products.  While you can get a cheaper light that works ok, as a gift you might as well get the best one there is.  The Infinity Light is rechargeable so you won’t have to worry about replacing batteries often.  

Jon Easdon (Director of Services): Renzetti Presentation 2000 or 3000 vise

The Presentation Series vise –– either the 2000 or 3000 –– will be the last tying vise you’ll ever buy. This is extremely versatile in tying everything from small midges to large streamers. Crafting miniature offerings can require considerable hand and finger manipulation. Maximum finger clearance behind and around the hook is possible with the Presentation 3000 because of the angled and slender jaws.   The signature Renzetti True Rotary feature enables you to wind thread, hackle or other material around the hook with a precision and smoothness you’ll appreciate whether you’re tying your first fly or your thousandth. 

Vince Puzick (Blogger): Books!

Of course our blogger (and retired English teacher) suggests book titles to fuel the passion: Pat Dorsey’s Colorado Guide Flies, Terry and Wendy Gunn’s 50 Best Tailwaters to Fly Fish, books on fly tying such as Jim Cramer’s Become a Thinking Fly Tier, or maybe great stories about fly fishing like John Gierach’s All Fisherman are Liars or the more philosophical Bringing Back Eden by Angler’s Covey Guide Anthony Surage. Come in and check out our offerings!

Give the gift of fly fishing!

Still can’t decide? What better gift could you give your loved ones than the gift of fly fishing? We have a comprehensive menu of classes and guided trips for every ability level and they are offered year round! We conduct guided trips 365 days a year and trout season is year round!

Gift certificates available for classes and trips. Contact Jon for details:

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  1. Roger Plank on December 3, 2020 at 7:46 am

    I have been fly fishing for almost 50 years and have purchased “the good, the bad and the ugly”, ha ha. So I have seen most of the trends come and go in retail availability for fly fishers. I agree with virtually all the gift ideas listed above. Good for you folks. You have never steered me wrong. As a ranger on the North Slope Recreation Area of Pikes Peak, I refer anglers to your store.

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