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Bug of the Month: Caddisfly

As we move into May, we begin to see the water temps rise and, with that increase, bug life begins to … well… emerge. Even though the mix of insect life is really rich and varied in May, the nod for “Bug of the Month” goes to the Caddisfly. 

In his article, “Anticipating a Caddisfly Hatch,” Gary Lafontaine argues that “American fly fishermen have not begun to tap the potential of the caddisfly hatches popping out all around them, and they never will with general fly-fishing skills. They will need to understand the habits of the caddis flies in their home trout streams and the unique tactics for simulating the actions of those insects before they can work the full period of the hatch.”

If you want more success during the Caddisfly hatch, check out the videos and articles. 

Robert Younghanz, aka “The Bug Guy,” is our in-house expert on entomology and aquatic insects! In this video, he talks about the variety of Caddis in our rivers. 

Interested in Tying?

With the emphasis on fishing all three stages of a Caddisfly’s development, a fly tyer can have a field day just working with this one bug! Here are a few patterns for your tying enjoyment.

Tying the Buckskin

Juan’s Kryptonite Caddis

Galloup’s Elk Hair Caddis

Other Resources

Understanding the Caddis Life Cycle can help take some of the mystery out of pattern selection and depth to fish it.

Come in and check out hatch charts on all our major bugs. Illustration by flygirls!

Check out our fly bins

Check out this cool video from the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife (although they do claim “April” for the month of Caddis…)

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