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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Our Guides and Retail Experts offer some suggestions …

Phil Tereyla:  For the father who is new to fly fishing, a nice rod and reel combo is a great gift. Or, if they have shown an interest in fly tying, a starter kit to get them further along their tying pursuits would be a gift that keeps on giving.

Rachel Leinweber: Indulge your Dad with something he may not buy for himself: Abel Nippers. They are a cut above the average — and isn’t your dad, too?

Jon Kleis:  Father’s Day is a great reminder that we are heading into the heat of summer. A good fishing hat, buff, or UV protectant shirt are hard to beat as gifts.

“Karbo: I have worn the long-sleeve Angler’s Covey polyester and cotton blend shirt under my fishing shirt on warmer days. It’s perfect for those warm days in the high country to keep me cool.

Kenny Romero: you can’t beat a Father’s Day gift box of terminal gear including various size leaders, tippet, split shot, and strike indicators. The avid fly fisher can never have enough terminal gear!

Jon Easdon:  The Simms Bugstopper shirts, pants, and buffs are a must have for summer fishing. Our higher elevation doesn’t stop the mosquitoes, and they can get quite thick. Bugstopper gear is also the perfect wet wading complement, too. I like to wear all three throughout the summer. See our online store for a wide assortment of our Bugstopper line.

Rob Gonzalez III: Fishpond’s line-up of nets offer some great options for Dad. The Nomad Mid-length is a personal favorite.

Hank Haen: I’m all about giving the gift of an adventure. A half-day guided trip is not a bad option and it gets Dad out there on the river or lake (has he tried stillwater?).

Becky Leinweber: I like the variety of fly boxes we carry, but one of my favorites is the Cliff Outdoors “One Day’s Worth” fly box. It can fit in a pocket. The magnetized bottom holds small flies securely, and the foam strips in the lid can hold larger patterns. Really a nice idea for traveling light!

Kaitlin Boyer:  Shhh! Don’t tell my dad, but he’s getting the Orvis Guide Sling Pack. It’s a great pack with lots of room, accessibility, Orvis’s new “tippet whippet,” and made of 100% recycled materials. He’s gonna love it.

Hans Mylant: I lean toward the Orvis Guide Hip Pack. Check out the video below to hear why it’s my personal choice.

Neil Luehring: I have a set of the Orvis Flow Nippers and really like them. They are reasonably priced and work well for the smaller size of tippets we use. The eye cleaner works on our small flies.

Ted Demetriou:  Polarized sunglasses. Protect your Dad’s most important piece of gear: his eyes. Not only do they offer protection from the sun’s harmful rays (and wind-blown flies), polarized sunglasses help you locate fish.  See a fish, catch a fish!

Vince Puzick: For years, I kept my tippet in my pack or the pocket in my waders. Then I discovered the magic of the Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder XL. It can hold up to seven spools of tippet (so load it up for Dad, too, with some 4x, 5x, and 6x spools). And bonus —it has a built in cutter!

Still having trouble with the decision? Come on in and talk with our team members!

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