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2021 Gift Guide

Our Orvis-endorsed Guides share their top gift ideas to help you out this holiday season. Use our 2021 Gift Guide to shop our online store or come in and talk with our expert sales staff this holiday season. 

Great Gifts under $50

“Flyfisher’s Guide to Colorado’s Easy Access Mountain Lakes” by Phil Tereyla
A great gift for the hiker and family angler alike is this new book by Covey Guide Phil Tereyla. My wife and I already ventured to Potato Lake down by Durango because of Phil’s book, and we had a great hike to a beautiful location. The summer of 2022 is going to be quite the adventure! (Guide and Blogger: Vince Puzick)

South Platte Fly Pattern Starter Box
One good choice is a gift that keeps on giving: a new box with 1 or 2 dozen flies that work on our local waters. $14.95 / dozen (Guide: Phil Tereyla)

Loon Fly Dip & Loon Lochsa
I switched up my fly-treatment game this summer and added some products from Loon that elevated my dry fly fishing. Loon Fly Dip ($11.00), although a tad messy sometimes, seemed to keep fly patterns floating higher on the water longer than some other treatments.  The Loon Lochsa Floatant ($9.50) treats dry flies made of thinner fibers and CDC a little bit more delicately and doesn’t gum up those finer feathers.  (Guide and Blogger: Vince Puzick)

Orvis PosiGrip Screw-in Studs
These are the best studs on the market. Even after 100 days on the water their gripping power does not diminish. For under $50, this a great stocking stuffer. $29.95 (Guide: Paul Martinez)

Orvis Wading Socks
My second stocking stuffer is the Orvis Wading Sock in both weights (Heavy weight $29.95 and Midweight $27.95). Great socks are an absolute necessity for every fly fisherman. (Guide: Paul Martinez)

Farm to Feet Socks
There are few people that would appreciate socks as a gift. Anglers are definitely one of them. These socks are ultra comfortable and made from the highest quality materials and craftsmanship – all in the USA. ($20 -22) (Director of Services: Jon Easdon)

Tacky Double Haul Fly Box 
This particular box gives me a lot of space for fly patterns ranging in size from small dries, to nymphs, to large streamers. When conditions change up, my fly box is loaded with patterns to meet the change ($39.95) (Guide: Joel Walker)

Gifts Worth Netting: $50 – $150

Fly Tying Starter Kit
Introduce that special person to fly tying and gift them the experience of fooling trout on flies you tied – there’s no better feeling! Fly Tying Starter Kits allow you to get the basics in one package! (Guide: Ted Demetriou)

Kuhl Women’s Sienna Sweater
Every woman knows the importance of a staple sweater you come back to every time the weather turns chilly. This sweater has quickly become that for me as it’s flattering, soft, warm, and looks great with leggings or jeans and comes in several colors. $89 (General Manager: Rachel Leinweber)

Umpqua UPG HD Fly Boxes
Offered in a huge variety of sizes, these fly boxes cover all the bases no matter what type of box you are building. $34.99 -$69.99 (Director of Services: Jon Easdon)

Technical Fishing Pants
This past year I had many clients wearing jeans under their waders. Jeans are about the worst thing to wear under waders because they are made of cotton which doesn’t breathe well, does not dry quickly, and is simply very uncomfortable under waders. Today’s technically advanced fishing pants breathe well, are very light, stretch, dry very quickly. Most importantly, from my perspective, they are very comfortable. You can’t even tell you have them on!  One choice is the Kuhl Renegade ($89.00) and another strong candidate is the Kuhl Klash Pant ($139). (Guide: Kenny Romero)

Simms Pro Nippers
These spring-loaded nippers with magnetic fly threader are absolute workhorses.  For a tool an angler will use all the time, ease and effectiveness are imperative. The Pro Nippers are ultra sharp, easy to use, and effective. $79.95 (Director of Services: Jon Easdon)

Loon UV Plasma Light
Why would anyone want to spend $100 on a UV light?  If you are a serious fly tier you know why. You demand the best.  Buy once, cry once!  The Loon Plasma light just makes it easier and faster to cure your UV resin flies.  With a USB rechargeable battery, you will not have to worry about trying to find new “AA” batteries in your junk drawer on fly #3.  It has the battery power to last days and days of use.  If you are looking to upgrade, check out the new Loon UV Plasma Light.  It’s probably the last light you will ever need whether you are a pro or novice. $99.95 (Guide: Juan Ramirez)

Game-Changing Gifts: $150 and up

Fly Fishing Classes & Guided Trips
I frequently hear anglers ask, “How do I get better at fly fishing?” There is one simple answer really: spend time on the water. What better way to do that than to take one of our specialty classes or guided trips? Give the experience of fly fishing this holiday season. Classes and guided trips vary in price from $30-$595 (Director of Services: Jon Easdon)

Fishpond Switchback Pro Wading System
With its modular design, the Fishpond Switchback Pro Wading System has quickly become a favorite. With a built-in net holster, adjustable shoulder strap, and flexibility in adding accessories, I anticipate using this system for a long time. $159.95 (Guide: Joel Walker)

High-Quality Net
A Fishpond Nomad net ($135.95 – $239.95) is a staple whether I am guiding or fishing on my own.  Another quality brand of net, and made in the USA, is Rising nets ($139.00 – $179.00). These are well-designed nets with a cool look and feel to them. Most importantly, get that long-handled net for extra reach when you’re fishing alone.  (Guide: Ted Demetriou)

Orvis H3 Fly Rod
My choice for a gift is the Orvis H3 fly rod. The H3F has become my go-to rod and is the most accurate rod I have ever owned. Not only is it accurate it it very versatile. I use it to cast dry flies, nymph rigs, and even small streamers. (Guide: Paul Martinez) Orvis Helios 3 Fly Rod comes in a variety of configurations. In addition to the 3F, check out the 3D for more power without sacrificing accuracy. $949.00 (Guide: Joel Walker)

Smith Guides Choice
I love this new frame from Smith. These are slightly larger in the peripheral range and provide maximum coverage from the sun and elements. A good pair of sunglasses is one of the most important pieces of gear an angler can have. $199.00 (Director of Services: Jon Easdon) (Guide: Joel Walker)

Our guides and staff want to help you find the perfect gift for your fly fishing adventurer (and that includes yourself!). Come on into the shop, subscribe to our newsletter (link below), or shop online. Continue to watch this space and our weekly newsletter for holiday specials throughout the season! And please, shop local and support the small businesses in your community!

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