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Way to go, Willowfly!

Before too much time slips by, we wanted to give a little shout-out to Willowfly Anglers.  Our friends up in Almont, Colorado were named the 2022 Orvis Fly-Fishing Outfitter of the Year. We’re proud that another Colorado outfitter received this honor and happy for their success.

Professionally Speaking

We have had the pleasure to work closely with Willowfly.  The fly shop is part of Three Rivers Resort, and we have partnered with them for our mini-destination trip each fall and spring.  Over the past several years, through the efforts of Angler’s Covey’s Jon Easdon and Willowfly’s Patrick Blackdale, many anglers have enjoyed the opportunity to fish the Taylor, East, and Gunnison River on Colorado’s western slope. 

We have highlighted the outstanding fishing of the region in some previous blogs focused on the mini-destination trips. At the heart of any outfitter, though, are the professional guides. The guides at Willowfly never fail to deliver a great experience.

Kaylee Pacheco, in her guest blog from September 20, 2021, highlighted the relationships she has built with different guides. “Evan was such a fun guide. He is always full of excitement the entire day! On Sunday, our guide was Eric. Ryan and I have fished with Audrey, Holden, and Evan, so we were excited to learn from someone new!”

Evan and Kaylee celebrate the day’s work.

Eric Grand, with the net, strategizes with Greg on a wintery spring destination trip.

One of the things that makes the relationship special is that Willowfly shares many of the same principles as we do: conservation and preservation of resources, commitment to delivering a quality experience, and building partnerships with the community. We know that the whole crew at Willowfly Anglers and Three Rivers Resort work tirelessly to provide clients and customers a top-shelf Colorado experience each and every time.

Personally Speaking

Over the past four summers, my wife and I have had the pleasure of floating the Gunnison with Eric Grand.  We plan the float, give or take a few days, around the Father’s Day weekend. More importantly, we time our trip around the Green Drake hatch.  And what a float trip experience we have had!

Eric has nearly 20 years of guiding experience in the region, and his knowledge of the area shows on every trip. He has coached up my wife and me each trip, and we are better anglers at the end of the day. I just wish he would coach her up just a little less.


So, Willowfly Anglers, we tip our hat to you and raise a glass in your honor. As one of the three finalists for Outfitter of the Year (and a “competitor” for the award), we are proud of your achievement and grateful for your friendship.  To be honest, we’re also a little bit happy that you serve a different part of the state. Who wants that competition right up the street?

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