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Our Guides’ Holiday Gift Ideas

From apparel, to gear and accessories, to a fly fishing adventure, our guides share their gift ideas for the 2022 holiday season.

Stocking Stuffers

  • In addition to the terminal gear you carry with you, it’s always good to carry extra forceps, split shot, leader and tippet either in your pack or vest or in a container you keep in your vehicle. These can be great gift ideas for any angler — even the difficult to buy for! (Kenny)
  • Loon Fly Dip ($11.00).Finally, a floatant that does the job. I got through buckets of this in summer. (Kaitlin)
  • RIO Powerflex Trout Tapered Leaders ($13.95 for a 3-pack). A great product and an even better stocking stuffer!
  • Boost Oxygen ($8.95). Another great stocking stuffer. A useful and helpful tool while hiking to alpine lakes in the summer.
Loon’s Fly Dip takes dry fly treatment to a new level.

Gift Ideas Up to $50.00

  • Loon Ergo Arrow Point Scissors ($15.00). Good scissors are likely one of the best things a fly tyer could have. These scissors are my go-to, everyday scissors for tying. I like the larger thumb hole on them and they are easy to hang onto while tying flies. I never have to set these down and they stay super sharp. If you don’t own good scissors, try some out. They will change everything in tying flies for you. (Jon)
  • My book, Easy Access Lakes ($29.95), is a great book for either the avid hiker looking for a quick trip or for families that want to fish together in a beautiful mountain setting.  (Phil)
  • Good socks ($17.00 – 50.00). A good thick sock helps even on summer days. You will be thankful for the extra padding on long days covering lots of water. (Ted)
  • Simms Taco wader storage bag ($39.99). (Brian)
  • Swiss CDC Multi Clamp ($39.95). The best material clip in the business when it comes to precision dubbing loops. (Hans)

$51.00 – $150.00

  • Angler’s Covey gift cards are a great way to let someone pick out something they may really need. (Phil)
  • Orvis Western Breeze Tech Chambray Shirt ($98.00). This shirt is actually my uniform in the summer time while guiding and I just love it. It has a subtle western flair without the heavy stiff weight of a typical western shirt. It’s quick dry and offers sun protection as well. (Kaitlin)
  • Fly Lines. The holiday season is a great time to replace your old worn out fly line and upgrade to a higher performing line.  Rio’s Elite ($129.00) and Premier Gold ($99.00) and Orvis Pro ($98.00) weight-forward floating lines are great nymph and dry fly lines. (Kenny)
  • Kuhl Klash pant ($139.00). Hands down, my favorite pair of pants. These are my “yoga pants,” and I could wear them everyday. They are a great mix of tech and comfort and can be worn in any weather condition.  The articulated design and softshell material are the highlights of these pants. Coated with a DWR finish, they are also water resistant. If you need a good, durable, warm and comfortable pair of pants, don’t look any further. (Jon)

Gift Spotlight: Packs and Slings

  • Orvis chest pack($119.00).  My favorite chest pack. (Brian)
  • Fishpond’s Canyon Creek Chest Pack.  I’ve been using this little pack this year and it’s amazing.  I can leave my bigger lumbar pack or backpack on the bank and use this chest pack as my main source. You can add the Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder and a few tools and some small boxes and you will be set for the day.  You can also place your net in the back so you always have it with you. Being a modular system, you can also add this pack to the front of a Fishpond Thunderhead, Firehole or Ridgeline backpack to add more storage and more function ability.  At $79.95, and from a local Colorado company with many great products, this pack gets a 10/10 from me. (Juan)
  • Fishpond Ridgeline Tech Pack ($239.00). I have been a fan of Fishpond’s packs for awhile.  I like this pack because of the amount of carrying space in the vest part (lots of pockets) and the expansive backpack for longer hikes in (enough space to carry rain jackets, lunch, water). With the backpack style, though, I can get hot wearing it. So far, I am willing to have that trade-off because of the space. (Vince)
  • Waterproof Pack or Sling. Every year I find myself airing out the complete contents of my pack including most fly boxes. Be prepared for those wet days with a waterproof pack like the Fishpond Thunderhead Sling ($249.00) or the Simms G3 Guide Backpack ($299.00). Just to be sure, add some waterproof boxes too. (Ted)

Gift Ideas from $151.00 – $300.00

  • Orvis Wide Mouth Guide Fishing Net ($198.00). Super lightweight and low drag rubberized net design makes for a great addition to anybody’s fishing arsenal. (Hans)
  • Simms Women’s Flyweight wading boot ($199.00). I have a small, narrow foot and have gone through a lot of different boots. Simms boots have always lasted the longest (2 to 3 seasons) for me. They fit my feet just perfectly, and I can walk for miles a day in them without any pain. The Flyweights are super lightweight and durable. (Kaitlin)
  • Renzetti traveler fly tying vise ($209.95). Really a great vise especially for the angler on the go. (Brian)
  • A starter fly rod (such as the Orvis Clearwater $249.00) is a great way to help someone interested in the sport get a head start in starting in fly fishing. (Phil)
  • ORVIS Hydros Reel ($249.00). This is a sweet reel with truck stopping drag and built to last. Orvis has also come out with some cool new colors in the Hydros. I’ve been fishing the Hydros for years with ZERO issues. (Ted)
  • Simms Exstream Hooded Jacket ($279.95). This has been my go-to jacket for cold weather fishing conditions. Simms did it right in designing this jacket with the angler in mind. The fit and stretch material allows for uninhibited casting and comfort. The entire jacket is lined with Primaloft insulation and keeps heat in even in the harshest conditions. One of my favorite features is the interior stretch knit cuff in the sleeves. This keeps wind (and even water) from getting in the jacket through the sleeves. If you fish in any cold weather, this piece will be a game changer in your system. (Jon)
The Orvis Hydros is durable, smooth, and comes in a variety of colors for that aesthetic quality.

$301.00 and up

  • Simms G4 Pro Wading Boot  ($329.00). Best wading boot I have ever worn with the comfort and durability of a hiking boot. In other wading boots, I have worn a size 16, and I was doubtful that the size 15 in the G4 would fit – and really pleasantly surprised that because of the wider toe box, they fit great!  (Vince)
  • Sage Arbor XL ($450.00). Very unique large arbor reel, beautifully machined with a lovely feel in hand while reeling. The super large arbor allows anglers to gain line very fast while fighting a fish. (Hans)
  • Simms Women’s G3 Jacket in Seafoam ($449.00). I saved and saved for this jacket and it was well worth it. It always keeps me warm and dry on the water, and has lots of pockets for gloves, hand warmers, and your phone. The seafoam color is beautiful, and not overly feminine. (Kaitlin)
The G4 Pro Wading Boot is like a quality hiking boot.

Gift Spotlight: Rods for Every Angler

  • Redington Butter Stick ($279.00). If you like fishing small streams with dries, this is the rod for you. This glass rod is slow to moderate and will really help you slow down your cast and make beautiful presentations. One of the funnest rods out there to cast! (Kaitlin)
  • Orvis H3 ($998.00) rods are some of the best in the industry. Try out these rods in various weights on our casting ponds to see what a difference a high quality rod makes in your casting capability. (Kenny)
  • Sage R8 Core Fly Rod ($1,050.00) If you want to go big! The new R8 Core rods are unbelievable! Totally different rod than the Sage X. I cast the 5wt a client had and liked it so much I went and bought myself one. After casting a few I went with the 6wt and absolutely love it! (Ted)
  • Winston Air 2 ($1095.00). The newest offering from the Winston rod lineup is a beauty. This rod is as accurate as they come and is an absolute treat to cast. It’s extremely light in hand and can deliver long and precise casts. This rod will surprise anyone that casts it and likely take your casting to the next level. While it is an expensive rod, you would have zero regrets in getting one. (Jon)

Gift Ideas for the Fly Fishing Adventure

Several of our guides suggested the gift of an adventure. Our guided trips are customizable, and we design a half-day or full-day fly fishing adventure for anglers of all ability levels.

  • Our guided trips with our Orvis-endorsed guides provide opportunities for the new angler to learn and, for experienced fly fishers, to take on new challenges. Walk/wade trips are offered on some of the best fly fishing water in the state.
  • Want a trip that is a unique experience for you and your love? Our Couples on the River Guided Trip is with two guides for one-on-one attention and a gourmet meal prepared streamside that is unsurpassed in deliciousness. This is a unique and memorable experience for that adventurous couple!
  • Our guided fly fishing trips on private water are top tier and are located on some of the most sought-after water in the state. With the popularity of fly fishing at an all time high, private water has become much more sought after. Anglers seeking a day of solitude and great fishing can find both with this option. Guided trips also allow anglers of any ability to take a rapid progression in their fly fishing. Enjoy a mellow day on some fantastic water making memories that will be sure to last a lifetime. (Jon, Phil, Brian)
Our “Couples on the River” offers a guided trip like no other in the state.

Come On In

Our retail team is made up of avid anglers and fly fishing professionals. Come on in to the shop and they can help you with gift ideas for you or the angler in your life.

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