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A brief look at the 40-year history of Angler’s Covey.

by David Leinweber


In 1981, 25-year old Kent Brekke opened the doors of Angler’s Covey. The Shop’s name brought together two of Kent’s passions: fly fishing and bird hunting. Kent had a vision to provide quality products and great customer service to the fly fishing community of Colorado Springs. He prayed that customers would come. In the early days, he lived upstairs from the shop, a renovated Victorian house at 917 W. Colorado Avenue. Kent personally tied every fly that was stocked in the shop. Out of his passion, rose a business. Customers came.



In the early 1990s, my wife, Becky, and I moved to Colorado Springs. After more than a decade of working in the outdoor retail industry, and with a business plan prepared, we had a dream of opening our own fly fishing shop. Instead, I was offered the opportunity to manage Angler’s Covey. I joined the Covey team in 1996. In 1999, Becky and I purchased the entire business from Kent. The Covey team grew, as did the business, while keeping the focus on providing quality products and excellent customer service to the fly fishing enthusiast. Before we knew it, though, it was time for a big change.


For 22 years Angler’s Covey had been located in that very special and quaint Victorian home. It served us well with its charm, but with that quaint charm came limited visibility, limited space, and very limited parking. That special time had come to an end.

An opportunity presented itself. Becky and I grabbed it, moving to a new location on Highway 24. The location made the shop easier to find and more convenient for anglers on their way to their favorite fishing spot. Angler’s Covey grew from a 2,500 square foot home to a 6,500 square foot adventure, including two casting ponds outside our back door enabling people to cast and compare rods before buying. A few years later we expanded to occupy the entire 8,500 square foot building. We opened Colorado Tackle Pro, a full-service bait and tackle shop, and Pikes Peak Outfitter, a recreational watersport retailer and rental store.


Over the last several years, outdoor recreation has grown as has the population of Colorado Springs. Through all the growth, Angler’s Covey continues to provide the highest quality products, fly-fishing experiences, and service to its customers and clients. Becky and I remain co-owners and shape a vision for the shop while our daughter, Rachel, leads the Angler’s Covey Team in day-to-day operations as General Manager. As a true family-owned business, we continue to grow to meet the needs of anglers exploring the waters of the Pikes Peak region.

Staying true.

Even with a change of location and staff changes over nearly two decades, the foundation of Angler’s Covey has remained true and strong. From Kent’s earliest vision to our mission today we have stayed true to enhancing the experience of the fly fishing angler.

Who We Are Today Our Mission

Angler’s Covey’s mission is to provide quality services, products, and expertise that enhance the experience of the fly fishing angler. Our goals are to provide the best value possible to our customers and to promote and grow fly fishing in our community. We want to invite people into our adventure and serve them in their journey.

Our Values

When you think of Angler’s Covey, we hope that our values are seen in every aspect of our business.

  • We SHARE our expertise. As a team, we continually evaluate all that we do to maintain excellence at every level - from the brands and product mix we carry to the guided trip experience. We are on the water regularly and openly share tips and information. Angler's Covey treats our customers with respect, whether new to the sport or an experienced angler.
  • We do the RIGHT THING. Integrity, honesty, and respect are central to the Covey Team and are demonstrated by what we say and what we do. We work hard to build trust and keep commitments to one another, our vendor, our customers, and our community.
  • We work as a FAMILY. We are a family-owned business and consider our Covey Team family as well. Our culture encourages mutual support for each other as we work and play.
  • We have FUN. We eat, sleep, and breathe fly fishing. Our positivity and enthusiasm are contagious, and we love sharing our passion with others. Life's too short not to enjoy it!
  • We go the EXTRA Mile. Our dedicated team takes initiative to go above and beyond expectations. We are tenacious in our pursuit of excellence.
  • We GIVE Back. We believe that to whom much has been given, much is required. Our culture of responsibility begins with the passion and ethics of our team, who give back to the community as well as the resources we treasure.
  • We BLAZE the Trail. We are constantly challenging the status quo. Our innovative team seeks to provide unique ways to wow our customers and expand their angling experience.