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Fly Fishing Band of Brothers

Do your life passions of fly fishing and building a relationship with Christ intersect?
Looking for others to fellowship with on the river?

A group of men meets every Monday night to discuss life issues and their walk with God and what flies are working. This is not a Bible study; it is a fellowship of men who ask questions.

A good description would be what is termed a "Third Place". This is a component of a healthy community that stands as a pivotal concept in social settings, delineating a unique space separate from the realms of home and work. Ray Oldenburg, an eminent urban sociologist, described these places as vital community hubs where individuals gather and connect. To grasp the significance of a "third place," it's essential to understand the distinctions between the first and second places in our lives.

The first place, our homes, embodies our residential abode, where we coexist with our family members. It's the core of our personal relationships, where both good and challenging dynamics reside. Meanwhile, the second place typically refers to our workplace—a setting primarily centered around our professional endeavors, where relationships are often tied to a common goal of work.

Our Band of Brothers group strives to be a neutral place. Remember "Cheers"? That show encapsulates the essence of a third place—where everybody knows your name. It's where people are genuinely glad to see you, and your troubles are shared and understood.

Our group is this kind of special place. It's a container for fostering meaningful relationships and connections that extend beyond casual interactions.

We work to live up to the following qualities:

• Neutral Ground: Distinct from home and work, providing individuals the liberty to come and go without the obligations of those other spheres.
• Inclusive Atmosphere: Erasing hierarchy, welcoming everyone without status requirements, fostering natural and meaningful conversations.
• Accessibility and Adaptability: Open and flexible, catering to community needs, ensuring a sense of belonging and acceptance.
• Community Anchors: Regular attendees creating a warm, homely environment, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds.
• Unpretentious Warmth: Offering an unassuming, genuine atmosphere, devoid of grandiosity but rich in openness and welcome.
• Sense of Belonging: Reflecting warmth and a deep sense of belonging, akin to being in their own homes.
• Playful Environment: Encouraging a lighthearted mood where witty conversations and casual banter are cherished.
• Depth Amidst Conversations: While light-hearted, our group provides opportunities for profound connections, forming a support system during challenges.
• 'Cheers'-like Vibe: A welcoming space where everyone knows your name, is genuinely pleased to see each other, and share and understand challenges.

We meet Monday nights at 7:00pm at Angler’s Covey. (There are occasional exceptions when we don’t meet or change locations.)
Come in the side green doors.

You’re invited! Come and join the conversation.