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Angler's Covey carries one of the largest selection of fly fishing gear in one location. You have to see it to believe it, so here are a few pictures highlighting some of the fly fishing brands we think are the best.

Buy Local

This photo is from a Colorado Springs Fly Fishing Show that we hold each March. We own two additional stores located at the front of our building: Pikes Peak Outfitter focuses on outdoor gear rental and also carries a wide range of outdoor gear and watersports available for purchase, including fishing kayaks and canoes. Our other fishing shop, Colorado Tackle Pro, focuses on conventional fishing gear.

Brands We Support

We are proud to represent Simms Fishing Products and have the largest selection of Simms fly fishing gear in the region.

With over 10,000 different items, we have the largest fly tying department in the country. It has been often said that our fly tying department is bigger than most fly shops! Many customers spend hours checking out all the different material looking to create that one and only secret pattern.

We carry over 100 different models of fly rods and we have two casting ponds 25 feet from our rod rack.

Don't know which rod feels best to you? Come on in and test cast your next rod on our casting ponds before you commit.

We also have a large selection of fly fishing clothing and accessories, including sunglasses.