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The Angler’sCovey Team

Our staff is one of the best in the country. Each member has his or her own unique passion for the sport of fly fishing, built from years of adventures on the water, and we would like nothing better than to help you make the most of your own fly fishing adventure.

Rachel Leinweber General Manager

Rachel is the General Manager of all three stores: Angler's Covey, Pikes Peak Outfitter, and Colorado Tackle Pro. Rachel is, in addition, one of our guides, helping lead Pikes Peak Women Anglers, and assisting Jon with our classes and guide service. Growing up in the fly shop, Rachel gained a passion and respect for fly fishing, and loves that it is a sport where you never stop learning. Although she loves catching salmon in Alaska or huge trout in the South Platte, she's happiest hiking to a small stream fishing for enthusiastic brookies.

Rachel also serves on the board of AFFTA (American Fly Fishing Trade Association).

Jared SandersShift Manager

Jared is one of our guides and works the shop floor as part of our retail staff, as well. He tends to be the Swiss army knife of the shop: walk and wade guide, kayak fishing guide, boat fishing guide, custodian, instructor, shop monkey, and all! When not fishing, Jared spends his free time climbing, skiing, tying flies, listening to music, or playing outside with his dog, Ellie, and girlfriend, Jennifer. His favorite color is green.

Angel CruzShift Manager

Angel's journey as an angler began while he was still in diapers. Today, he’ll tell you that he still carries that same level of child-like excitement when pursuing fish whether on a small farm pond or Gold Medal water –– as long as that time is spent with his family, friends, or just great folks in general. Chances are that if he’s not in the shop, he’s got a rod close by and is out chasing fish.

Hank HaenTeam member

Hank is a Colorado native and has been fly fishing his entire life. In the fall, he is an engineering student at UCCS and works in the shop during the summer. Hank loves fishing the South Platte year round, tying flies, and enjoying a good smoked potato from Rudy’s.

Hans MylantTeam member

Hans is a husband, father and fisherman. He's lived in the Springs for 30 years and most of his free time is spent stalking the banks in search of feeding trout. When he decides he likes something, he gets nerdy about it, which is what happened with euro nymphing. Now that’s what he does most these days. He started tying flies eight years ago and has accumulated several lifetimes worth of tying material since then. The collection just seems to keep growing. If Hans is at home, you will likely find him watching some fishing show while spinning bugs at his tying desk in his man cave.

Robert Gonzales IIITeam member

A third-generation fisherman, born in California, Rob's passion for fishing blossomed as a child. Rain or shine, before or after school he was on the water. Continuing his bass fishing career in Colorado, he became the 2016 High School State Bass Fishing Champion. This accomplishment lead to many phenomenal opportunities for mentoring and assisting those younger than him to help grow the amazing sport of fishing. Testifying in front of the Colorado State Senate, Rob helped lower the youth fishing license prices. After many years of conventional fishing and dealing with overcrowded lakes, it was time to learn how to properly use a fly rod. From the second he could form a tight loop, he was hooked. Today if he's not on the water throwing oversized streamers, you can find him enjoying the outdoors with friends and family.

Nathan CoufalTeam member

Nathan has been fishing since he could hold a rod. When he was 10, though, he caught the fly fishing bug after attending the 101 class at Angler's Covey. After that class, he took his rod with him to every pond, stream, and Boy Scout campout he could. Eventually, Nathan learned enough to begin sharing his knowledge with members of his Troop and taught them to fly fish, as well. After graduating high school and earning his Eagle Scout, he began working at Angler's Covey motivated to give customers the same first experience to fly fishing that he had. Nathan has a passion to teach and finds he often learns more teaching others than by working alone. He loves to find backcountry spots where no one else has ever been before -- even if it means hiking 20 miles to get there.

Jon Easdon Director of Services

Jon is Angler's Covey's Director of Services. When you're thinking of booking a guide trip or taking a class, he's your man! He is also one of our professional fly fishing guides, and is a part of the marketing team.

Jon is a Colorado native hailing from Leadville, Colorado and has spent most of his life chasing fish around Colorado. He loves fishing anywhere and for anything, but his true passion lies in deciphering large fish in technical situations.

A true outdoorsman that loves the mountains, Jon enjoys sharing the love and passion of fly fishing with others.

Lynn HavelBookkeeper & receiving

Lynn has lived in Colorado since 1983. As an avid hiker, camper, biker and skier, she wonders how she has missed out on fly fishing! Well, this job has changed that! She says that bookkeeping for the Covey has been the perfect job to learn everything she needs to know about flies and fishing.

Vince Puzick Content Manager

Vince Puzick is our Content Manager. He does a great job of bringing you valuable information through our Angler's Blog and with an occasional FaceBook post. Before interviewing guides and our staff for the blog, and before writing about the adventure of fly fishing, Vince worked for over 32 years in education as an English teacher and literacy consultant. When he's not at the keyboard, he is "researching" by having his own fly fishing adventures on local rivers and streams.

Andrea PasquanExecutive Assistant

Andrea is the Executive Assistant at Angler's Covey, which means she wears many hats to keep the operations running smoothly. She was raised in Washington, but has lived in a few different states and traveled around the globe. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to start Urbean, a fair-trade boutique, which she still manages on the side. She picked up fly fishing about a year ago and loves getting out as much as she can!

David Leinweber Owner & Merchandise Manager

David is the proud owner, merchandise manager, buyer, janitor, and general help around the shop. David has been in the outdoor industry for over 35 years and has spent all of his life pursuing backcountry adventures. His preferred method of angling is to lose himself on a small stream miles from civilization. He's fortunate to have fished over 100 different locations in Colorado.

David is the founder and Chairman of Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance and is currently a board member of the Cheyenne Mountain Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  David supports Project Healing Waters and received the Patriot Award in 2015. In the spirit of community, he leads several groups in conversations about his faith, conservation efforts, and business development.

Becky Leinweber Owner & Human Relations

Becky is co-owner of Angler's Covey and a Colorado native who has thoroughly enjoyed the great outdoors for her entire life. She enjoys the variety that fly fishing offers: from throwing hoppers to eager fish in small streams to watching bonefish run with her fly in saltwater. She finds joy in sharing her passion for fly fishing with those new to the sport, especially other women. Becky began our women's program years ago, realizing that women often learn better side by side with other women. Becky is also the Executive Director of Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance.